Year in Review: 2014 Shipping


For this segment of Year in Review I’ll look at shipping.   I love shipping.  Ships often make or break a book for me.  And I thought today I’d look at the ships that worked for me, ships that were a bit of a disappointment, and ships that just were downright gross.


Whoa Baby:


Sydrian:  I love these two together.  I think it might be in big part because of Adrian and I had to feel all his heart break in Vampire Academy.  But while I love Rose-she’s right up there with Suze Simon on the scale of awesomeness till that last book in her series-I sort of think I might like Sydney more.  She has a quiet strength about her that makes her in some ways a bigger bad ass than Rose.  I really like the way these two characters develop together.  Mead made sure that they developed as individuals before she threw them together and even though they get all lovey dovey once they’re together, you can still see that they’re still Sydney and Adrian.


Ignifex and Nyx (Not even going to attempt to do a couple name for those two): Most of the time I hate Stockholm romances, but Beauty and the Beast themed stories are the one exception.  I like this particular version because Beauty is, well, sort of a bitch.  Her reactions seem a lot more realistic to someone who has to move in with a monster.  Grant it, I should know better than to get caught up in these sorts of ships.  But whatevs.


Tess (Cress and Thorne): The dynamic between these two is fantastic.  I like the fact that while Cress starts off having almost an insta love Hollywood-ish crush on Thorne she grows up.  I like how Thorne develops as a character as well, yet still maintaing a smidgen of that swarmy personality that makes him, well, Thorne.


Johnlock (okay, it needs a little altering but….): It’s essentially a Sherlock and Watson hook up, but both of them are teenagers and Watson is a girl.  But still I ship this so hard.  And hate the fact that the second book isn’t released in the US yet.



Daniel and Gretchen: I liked them, but at the same time I didn’t think they were developed as much as I like.  A little too much, insta love-you know.  To be fair to Blankman, I thought this relationship worked better than in another historical where forbidden romance was used.  At least Daniel wasn’t instantly gaga over Gretchen, and Gretchen wasn’t a jerk for about ninety percent of the novel.


Isla and Josh: Yeah, a Stephanie Perkins couple that I didn’t down right love.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like these two.  They weren’t outright obnoxious, but I didn’t grow to love them like I did with Perkins’s other characters.  I think this couple might’ve suffered from the I expected more effect.



 Hest (Haley and West):  I think this is another case of author did a fantastic job on earlier books in the series and this one just quite didn’t work for me.  I think mainly because it reminded me of a poorly crafted wannabe John Hughes 80’s movies where a sub standard Molly Ringwald stars and the guy’s no John Cusack.  To be fair to this one, it still had it’s moments.


Tate (Tomo and Katie): I had lots of hope for this couple, but they are so vanilla and so boring I just feel like I’m reading another version of Bella and Edward.   It’s a shame because this series should have a lot going for it.  And since it’s relationship focused you’d think…..did I mention Edward Cullen is so 2008.



Neo (I laughed at that one-Natalya and Leo): Um, remember when I said I don’t usually go for Stockholm romance.  This is why.  The relationship in this book just seemed wrong on so many levels.  It probably didn’t help that the secondary love interest died like one minute before these two basically got together-or at least started making out.


Clara and Statute (no, this doesn’t even get a name): Um, having sex with a statue?  Okay….I guess if that’s your prerogative….um, do you really have to go on and on about it though.


Zoey Redbird and Anyone: Because obviously, she deserves to be very miserable and all alone.

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