OOOh, I Got a Secret (Everyone Does in This Series): Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry

A summer road trip changes everything in this unforgettable new tale from acclaimed author Katie McGarry

For new high school graduate Echo Emerson, a summer road trip out west with her boyfriend means getting away and forgetting what makes her so… different. It means seeing cool sights while selling her art at galleries along the way. And most of all, it means almost three months alone with Noah Hutchins, the hot, smart, soul-battered guy who’s never judged her. Echo and Noah share everything — except the one thing Echo’s just not ready for.

But when the source of Echo’s constant nightmares comes back into her life, she has to make some tough decisions about what she really wants — even as foster kid Noah’s search for his last remaining relatives forces them both to confront some serious truths about life, love, and themselves.

Now, with one week left before college orientation, jobs and real life, Echo must decide if Noah’s more than the bad-boy fling everyone warned her he’d be. And the last leg of an amazing road trip will turn… seriously epic.

Source: GoodReads

To sum up the Pushing the Limits series each book contains a big secret.

So, when I heard that Echo and Noah were getting a sequel, I was like I thought they revealed all of their secrets how are they getting another book?

Well, they did.

And there are secrets.

To be fair though, most of the secrets here are external rather than internal and while I think it worked a lot of times for this installment, it wasn’t a perfect by any means though.

I have been sort of disenchanted with this series for awhile now.  While it hasn’t gotten outright bad, each additional book in this series has sort of given me a meh feeling after the prior book.  The good thing about this one, is that it was better than the last two books of the series.  It still wasn’t the greatest book though.

I did like what McGarry did with the plot.  Or the idea of the plot.  Focusing on the external issues that Echo and Noah have, rather than the internal sort of gave this book a fresher feeling than I thought it would have.  I particularly was interested in Noah’s story.  Echo’s honestly didn’t interest me that much because if you read the rest of the series you sort of knew what was going to happen.

After reading three other books with different narrators, it was sort of interesting returning back into the heads of Noah and Echo.  Honestly, out of all the characters in the series these were the two that I was rooting for the most.  However, I felt like a lot of this story was just fluff.

The characters that I loved, I saw glimpses of their struggles, but most of the time they made out.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but when you read you sort of want a balance of fluff and angst.

Another thing that bothered me with this installment was regression with the characters–particularly Echo.

I get that someone in her situation is going to be flip flopping back and forth, but in fiction this gets annoying after awhile.  I almost wanted something a little bit more dramatic to happen to her and Noah just to snap her back to reality a little bit.

As for Noah, while I found his back story interesting and intriguing I just wanted more.

I really think for me, this just didn’t feel like a real book.

I know, that sounds stupid.

After all, it was a full length book with a plot.   But something about this just rang fan fic or extra to me even though it had Katie McGarry’s name on it.

Perhaps, it’s because Pushing the Limits had such a definite ending.  I really didn’t think there needed to be more to Echo and Noah’s story.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that McGarry wanted to continue their story, but this seems more excess than actual storyline.

Fans of this series, will find this to be a nice addition to the series.  However, it’s overall pretty meh.

Overall Rating: B-


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