2014 Goal Results

It’s almost the end of the year again, which means I need to see how much of a failure success I was at my 2014 reading/writing goals.  I do this in part because it helps me plan out my goals for next year and in part because it’s a good time to reflect.

1) I want to read at least fifty books.  I know that I’m downsizing from last year, but life has been extremely hectic as of late.  I really would like to read at least as many books (if not more) than I read last year, but I have to be realistic about these things.

I actually went up and above this.  Currently, GoodReads shows that I’ve read 150 something books (this does not count rereads).  This year I’ve been going through spurts where I have lots of reading time and then I have not so much time.  Even though my target number was abysmally small, I still think it was a good goal.

2) I want to participate more in the blogger community-via commenting, doing blog tours, participating in memes, etc.  Probably going to be a difficult one for me to accomplish because of time restraints.  But I am going to make an effort.

Sort of.  I have put an effort in commenting more.  I do participate in the Top Ten meme, but I haven’t really done any blog tours.  And since this is more of a review than a promotional blog I think that’s okay.

3) Torment myself by reading another horrible series.  Hey, I survived House of Night.  Obviously, that means I’m a bad ass or that I’m glutton for punishment.

Over achiever on this one.  I did two bad series (The Tiger Curse Series and the Fuentes Boys trilogy).  I really don’t know if I’m going to put myself through another one of these drinking games next year.

4) Complete my Nostalgia Book Challenge.

Um, I did a modified version of that.  That counts as something.  Right?  I was going to actually do this, but I couldn’t find all the books I wanted.  So instead, I’ve been periodically reading books with a pub date of pre 2010.

5) Look into more cost effective strategies for reading-using the library more, think about investing in Oyster, check Netgalley and Edelweiss more often.

Utilized more, but not enough.  Didn’t invest in Oyster since I hear it’s not really Kindle compatible.  Thought about getting Kindle Unlimited but a lot of the titles screamed meh to me.  Therefore, I am still using the library as my most budget saver item.

6) Slowly but surely start removing old content from my GoodReads account since I don’t want that site having access to my content for obvious reasons.

Well, I tried giving up my GR account but it’s not working.  I am posting reviews there, but I’m not as active on there as I once was.

7) Start using Leafmarks and Booklikes more.

I still need to use Leafmarks more.  I do post my reviews to Booklikes regularly.

8) Actually finish my WIP and start another WIP AFTER I finish writing a detailed outline, so that I won’t get stuck.

Sort of.  Still editing that WIP.  But I did start another WIP during NaNo but with a very loose outline.

9) Go to a book signing this year.

 Didn’t happen.  I was going to go to a Stephanie Perkins and Kiersten White signing, but I got a sinus infection and was in bed that day.  I do plan on going to a signing next year (hopefully).

10) Try to read more new authors.

This one was actually accomplished.  Very, very, easily.


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