In Loving Memory: PJ Beagle (1999-2014)

Penny Jeannine (PJ) Beagle II: Beloved friend, pet, and connoisseur of hats. May you rest in peace.


I lost one of my best friends this weekend, my fifteen-year-old Beagle, PJ.  I am comforted by the fact that PJ died peacefully and at home on her beloved bed.  I know that she is in a better place now, and is probably causing havoc to her namesake’s peaceful afterlife, but I still miss her.

I got PJ after the loss of my first Beagle, Penny,in April 1999.  She was six weeks old then.  I raised her from puppyhood.  She was my best friend at a time where I didn’t have a lot of friends.  At eleven, I was bullied tremendously, for being the weird girl who liked to read and could not catch a ball to save her life.

PJ could catch a ball though.

I trained her to fetch.  Catch a ball in her mouth (like a seal).  Throwing teats helped on that.  She even knew how to do Math problems-a large feat for a Beagle since apparently they’re one of the least trainable dogs (not in PJ’s case).

Despite being highly trainable, PJ was aloof.  I thought she was missing something and because of that I saved up my money to buy her a friend.

PJ always seemed more dog inclined than people inclined.  Unlike my other dogs that liked to cuddle, PJ liked to hunt.  Not that she was the best hunter, though she’d probably would’ve thought otherwise.  And to her credit, she did cause three or four opossums to commit suicide (if you heard PJ bark all day you’d probably jump off the fence and beg her to kill you too).

She was also a wonderful mother figure for my other dogs.  Even though she was spayed very early in life-I watch The Price is Right-she still had strong motherly instincts.  She would bathe my rescues.  Teach them how to hunt.  Of course, she wasn’t perfect she’d steal their food too.

PJ had quite the not so perfect streak.  When she was a young dog, she dug up trees.  She ate water hose and played havoc with the Christmas trees.

We often said that PJ really stood for Paganini Jeanie the Meanie when in reality it stood for Penny Junior.  To be honest though, I liked her wickedness.  It made her PJ.  And even though she was a destructo-dog she was still kind hearted.

Up until a few months ago, PJ was a very active dog.  Even in old age and half blind, she made sure she got what she wanted in life.  The past few weeks have been hard, watching her decline, but she wasn’t in pain.  Her passing was quite peaceful, still I will miss her greatly.

I probably won’t be posting much this week while I try to deal with her loss.  PJ was a friend.  I know that she wasn’t a person, but she played a large part in my life and helped me get over a lot of personal issues.

I do believe the sentiment that all dogs go to heaven.  And yes, I do believe that PJ is there and healthy again.

6 thoughts on “In Loving Memory: PJ Beagle (1999-2014)

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. I love how positive you are in this post about who she was. She’s sounds like a beautiful dog and I’m sure is in a better place barking for as long as she pleases.

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