Bookish Highlights of the Year: Where I go Over a Year in Books

I’ve already listed my favorite and not so favorite books of the year, so now it’s time to actually reminisce about  the year for me and for the blog, and some book news.  The good, the ugly, and the just plain bizarre.  Let’s reminisce and hope that 2015 isn’t as crazy.


The month I was in a heavy reading slump.  I remember almost crying because I was thinking that 2014 was truly the month of awful terrible books.  Plus, I was pretty sure the world was going to become frozen because polar vortex.  and

Best Book: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge: Ship, ship, ship.  Yeah, I loved the ship in this one.  Honestly, Beauty and the Beast is sort of like my favorite fairytale ever and if you throw in a little Greek mythology there….

Worst Book: Big Fat Disaster by Beth Fehlbaum.  Really, not that surprising given that it got the worst overall book on my 2014 list.  It was ironically the book I was reading when the ball dropped.  I won’t be reading a bad book for the start of 2015 (I hope).


Another polar vortex-yay!  As awful and bleak as January was with books, February was full of fantastic books.  I gave out two five star books-which is rare for me.  I also got Netflixs that month (not really book related, but it allowed me to review more YA adaptations).

Best Book: Cress by Marissa Meyer.  Not that surprising since it’s the best book I read in 2014.  I really need to reread this series.  I keep saying that.  But they keep getting better and better with each installment.  I swear.

Worst Book: The Here and Now by Anne Brashares.  More a disappointment than anything else.  Time traveling should be exciting instead of blah worthy.


The month where I was horrified by six foot tall leperchauns, got sick with the stomach flu (twice), and read my first-out of many-bad Peter Pan retellings.  I also binge watched Once Upon a Time.  In other words, it was a pretty uneventful month.

Best Book: Something Real by Heather Demetrios.  This is what I expect from a contemporary.  Completely refreshing and engaging.  Plus, I loved how the reality TV element was dealt with.

Worst Book: Second Star by Alyssa B. Sheinmel.  Wendy Darling is not a drug addict.  Enough said.


Ugh.  Not a great month personally since I got sick and was on like heavy duty antibiotics and my dad had to get surgery.  On the plus side, I did get to go out of town and go book shopping and that’s always a plus in my book.

Best Book: Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout.  When Armentrout is on she’s on.  The plot is rather simple, but the pacing made it worth its while.  Plus, I sort of love amnesia tropes.  Blame it on General Hospital.

Worst Book: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page.  I was not a fan of this one, but I know lots of people liked it.  It just was a little meh for me and a little forced.


It started getting hot outside.  And um….oh, BEA.  Didn’t go, but went on an honorary Book buying BEA trip (it was flooded near my office).  I did Twitter stalk everyone who went though to keep up on the BEA going ons and remember the whole Book Tuber controversy.  Which is sort of stupid, since book tubers and bloggers do the same thing.  Except Blogger’s don’t usually have annoying perky voices.  In other May news, Meg Cabot announced she was reviving her Princess Diaries and Mediator series.  Oh, and seems Prince Phillipe can’t keep his pants on since Mia’s half sister is getting a middle grade series of her own.

Best Book: Um, can I pass.  I did not enjoy any of my May reads.  I mean, I think the highest rating I gave was like a C+.

Worst Book: Royally Lost by Angie Stanton without a doubt.  Someone who really wants to travel, does not want to hear the whinings  of a little brat who wants to eat at McDonalds.


It got hotter. I went to a concert.  Um, babysat interns-some were nice, some not so nice, and some just needed to learn to use a computer.  I also binge watched Doc Martin.  In the bookish world, I got so mad that I ended up returning a book to my local Barnes and Noble’s-somethign that never happened until now.  And I was told I could no longer drink coffee.  Well, normal coffee.  I can drink half  caf which is better known as crap.

Best Book: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry.  I binge read this entire series in June and I enjoyed it (for the most part).  The first book I think was probably the best.

Worst Book:  Buzz Kill by Beth Fantansky: What is this?  I returned it.  Just saying that now.  This one was horrible.


It got really, really, hot.  I went to a Fourth of July/Farewell Party for a coworker where I was given a rubberband gun-no one knows what a powerful weapon a rubberband gun can be.  For Fourth of July, I was forced to watch The Winds of War with my father Netflixs.  It wasn’t that bad, though I can’t stand the name Pug now.  I also binge watched Grimm.

Best Book: The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar.  So underrated and under-appreciated.  I am so pimping this jinn duology.

Worst Book: Will the Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up by Sara Hantz: I hate it when an author tries to make a teen sound like they’re four or five.  Please, don’t be insulting to your audience.


It got even hotter.  To the point where I wanted the Polar Vortex to come back.  I got a rental car since my car got bashed in by the neighbor.   And I reread the Anna and the French Kiss series because Isla and the Happily Ever After was coming out and participated in a readalong.  A first for me.

Best Book: Isla and the Happily Ever After because duh…Stephanie Perkins.  And France.  And cute boys.

Worst Book: Ghost House by Alexandra Adornetto.  Don’t go ripping off The Mediator.  Especially when you’re the creator of that idiotic mess known as Halo.


The Ellora’s Cave monstrosity went down with Dear Author.  And it was so horrifying no popcorn eating could be done-it wasn’t the worst thing done this year though. No, October had to top that.Also, I believe this was the month that Witches of East End was canceled (it might’ve been October).

Best Book: The Vampire Academy Series.  September and October were really all about Richelle Mead. Her writing is addictive.

Worst Book: Vampires of Manhattan by Melissa de la Cruz.  I used to love this author’s books, but I’m breaking up for good I think with most of her books (save for the tolerable The Ring and the Crown).  You can only contradict yourself so many times before your readers say enough.  This book really killed me though, because it killed whatever loved I originally had for the Blue Bloods series.  But you know what…I’m going to let it go and read better books by author’s that remember their universe.


The month everyone’s head exploded over the fact that some author’s think it’s perfectly okay to come to your house if you write a bad review (it’s not).  It was also Halloween and my sister was already planning Thanksgiving dinner.

Best Book: The Bloodlines series.  Again.  All hail, Richelle Mead.

Worst Book: Winter Spell by Claire Legrand.  Or as I call it Winter Hell.  I try to forget this one’s existence.  It is truly a hideous thing.


Thanksgiving!  I also, got a seasonal job (student loans) and had to experience Thanksgiving Hell.  Corporate America really needs to give that day off to families and consumers should realize they’re being ripped off via time with their family and their money (because really things are marked up a lot higher than they should be, before the supposed great sales) and eat turkey and watch the parade like people did five years ago.  And if they must, shop on Friday.  As for book news, November was v. non-eventful.

Best Book:  My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick.  Too cute.  To ship worthy.  And I read it out of season.

Worst Book: Redeemed by PC and Kristin Cast: Duh.


The most wonderful time a year…wasn’t this year.  As you might’ve known, I lost a really good friend (my fifteen-year-old Beagle).  My mom has also been having severe health issues, so most of the month was trying to get her to send her a cardiologist so she could be on the right meds.

Best Book: The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot.  I started rereading this series and am loving it.

Worst Book: Suspicion by Alexandra Monir.  I don’t even know where to begin with this one.  Only that a sadist compared it to The Princess Diaries.  That and while I love Downton Abbey, it really doesn’t give an accurate depiction of class issues in modern England.


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