Midlist Book Club?

The latest book gossip is that a certain  midlist author has started a Kickstarter campaign to self pub a sequel-the book has only been out a month.  There are a lot of grey issues with the whole Kickstarter campaign itself, but I’m not going to get into it.

It’s a headache in itself and if you go on Twitter, you can pretty much figure out what you need to know. What really stood out to me though, in this conversation, was the lack of exposure that non-blockbuster (aka books not authored by Joh Green etc.) get.

This is just wrong.

Well, in my humble opinion.  There are a lot of books out there that don’t get the fanfare they deserve.

And the sad thing is, they’re probably not going to get it. At least by their publishing company.

At the end of the day publishing companies are businesses.  It makes sense that they’ll invest their money in marketing where they’ll make a profit.  And like it or not, names like John Green and Co are household names.

But that also makes you question why midlist titles are just sort of thrown in there.  Are they merely publishing those books as a tax write off?

Probably not.

Well, in most cases.

Yes, I know life isn’t fair.  But I do think that some of these books need a little bit of glory.  Which is why I’m seriously contemplating about doing a Midlist feature on my blog once or twice a month.

Honestly, I’d liked to start a blogger book club of sorts that focus on these titles.  It’s a stretch, and I don’t know how to go about it.  But if publishers can’t give some midlist titles the love they deserve, bloggers sure can.

So, what do you think::



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