Fandom Gone Wild: Troll Books?

Recent troll attacks, and the latest John Green incident (because there’s an incident involving that guy putting his foot in his mouth or doing something semi not cool every couple of months).  Have made me notice something again, certain books attract the worst people. Today, I thought I’d take a look at what books, authors, and reviews are essentially troll bait that I’ve wrote in the past.

The purpose of doing this.  It’s more or less pure curiosity and I like analyzing things.  Maybe I can get my inner Fraiser Crane (actually, I’m more like Niles) on and make a new diagnosis for obsessed fan boys.  Or maybe I need to post something on the blog since I haven’t had time to do a read a book to review (yeah, that’s about right).

Some of My Best Troll Bait:

1) Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare: By far, my top troll review-really anything by Cassandra Clare is troll bait.  I wrote this review after Clare announced that she was doing twenty million shadow hunter books.  And I wanted to state my disdain for the omnibus size of this never ending series.  I have been called a lot of things since, by a lot of people.  Looking back at some of the comments now, I laugh.  The thing about Clare fans though is their rabid and numerous.  You’re never going to talk reason with them.  One such person  I blocked (an unrelated author), even made a fake account in attempt to argue more about how wonderful Cassie is with me.  Needless to say, I didn’t accept his friend request.

2) The Elite by Kiera Cass:  The response on my review is actually minuscule compared to the flak one of my GR friends got for their review of The Selection (not linking it since she’s had enough grief over it).  People seem to have a real polarizing reaction to this book.  You can either be meh about it like me, and complain about how China’s takeover of America (the country not the stupid character) doesn’t make sense or you can love the pretty dresses and bitchiness that goes on in this competition.  Maybe it’s my disdain of  The Bachelor that makes me dislike this one.

3) A Beautiful Anything by Jamie McGuire: Once again, a case of me putting a book on my ca-ching list (cash cow) and the fan girls going off on me.  This time I get reprimanded for language.  Apparently, the word shitty is bad.  Who knew?   That was sarcasm, the thing is the books use much stronger language than I used in my review.  I have noticed with these extra books-and this can apply to any author not just McGuire, that this is usually where the trolls hang out the most).  Interesting enough, this one involved another author (not Jamie McGuire) attacking me.

4) Notes from an Accidental Band Geek  by Erin Dionne: Yeah, I know districts can vary their marching band etiquette. But there were some things that were way off here.  Plus, I like with band nerds so I sort of know a lot about band and classical music in general.  Add horrible characterization, and I will go all Book Hulk.  But this apparently upset some people.  Look, my review is based off on my experience.  And even though some things can vary and are theoretically possible (i.e. you can technically get by with playing the piccolo solo on Stars and Stripes it’s going to sound like shit).

Okay, I only listed four.  Mainly, because items number one and three there’s a lot of titles by the same authors that I’ve been trolled over (as of late, see this one).  Bellow are listed common themes I’ve noticed from fanboy trolls.

Common Themes:

  • You can never tell them that they’re beloved series needs to end.  You’re being mean.
  • You can’t be polite with them because most of them just want to fight, the best thing to do is hit the block button.
  • They don’t seem to get the idea that everyone is entitled to their own review.
  • You merely posted the review to get attention and gosh by darn it they’re going to give it to you and change you from the rude spiteful person you are into a Fangirl (never mind, they’re actually giving attention to that mean old review of yours).

Kind of stupid, right?

I really don’t get it.  Why do people have to go out of the way to defend an author, who more than likely never has set their eyes on said review.    I was hoping that when writing this blog entry, I would be able to find some logic behind the various temper tantrums I’ve seen on GoodReads, but I haven’t.

While I have found common themes amongst the way trolls act,  I can’t find theorize a reason towards their behavior.  A common thought is maybe they think they’re doing good?  But you’d think just seeing the previous comments by previous trolls, that they’d realize this isn’t the way to behave.  Sometimes I wonder if author trolls, think that by tolling another author’s book they won’t get labeled a BBA-but still get the attention and notoriety to sell some books that BBA’s sometimes get.

It’ s just confounding.  Honestly, the best way to deal with trolls is to let it go.  Meaning, I just refer them to a post I wrote back in September reflecting my views.  However, it’s still interesting to dissect and analyze their bizarre behavior.


3 thoughts on “Fandom Gone Wild: Troll Books?

  1. “”You can never tell them that they’re beloved series needs to end. You’re being mean.””

    I agree whole heartedly. If I feel like that my most beloved series needed to end and the newer books have less quality I will undoubtedly stop at a point.

  2. I have just never understood why someone would want to tell another reviewer that they are ‘wrong’ if their review is negative! And really, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if I loved a book and other bloggers / reviewers hated it. I am confident enough in myself that I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I’m pretty sure that’s the same for many other reviewers as well.
    Great post 🙂

    • It’ s actually sort of funny when they leave remarks on reviews now. Sometimes though, depending on my mood, I do get annoyed. Especially when I have to his the block button. Never a good thing.

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