Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books For People Who Love Snark

It’s Top Ten Tuesday yay!

The topic this week is Top Ten Books for People Who Love ___.  I chose snark.  Because occasionally reading a book for snark is fun.  Note, I don’t recommend any of these books as quality reads.  But if you like something that’s campy and fun to make fun of indulge.  Just don’t over indulge.


I think Collen Houck is why many people believe Americans are stupid.  We’re not by the way.  While it true that some of us (cough, Colleen Houck, cough) think Anne Frank is a romance, the vast majority of us know it’s not.  The Tiger’s Curse series is the epitome of a good snark read.  While poorly written, there are some elements of it that make it quasi entertaining.



I know everyone and their mother has read this series, but it’s still decent snark. Just don’t take it seriously and you can totally enjoy this series.  Also, alcohol helps.


Do I need to say anything?  The thing about these though is that they’re offensive.  Very, very, offensive. So, if you read them you be prepared to want to pound someone.


This series actually inspired this post.  Mainly because I just moved to an area that’s sort of like the same area where Bethie and Xavier consummated their relationship and I’m like-ew!  Seriously, how they didn’t managed to get eaten by an alligator is beyond me.


This is the first book in a series and it’s on the dull side, but I see the potential to snark.  There are a lot of tropes that had me rolling my eyes.  Yet, at the same time it’s on the dull side-not so good for snark.  The reason it’s on this list, is I wanted a new release from this year to put on this list and this was it.  Well, I could’ve gone with that awful band book but that was just boring.  At least this one takes place in Paris and Istanbul.


I put this one lower than my number one pick because the quality of writing.  There’s probably more snark value in The Perfect Chemistry series than in my number one pick, but this series is just offensive.  If you’re going to read it for snark you need to have a strong stomach for stereotyping.  That and Spanglish.  Let me correct that, Taco Bell Spanglish. Seriously, as some one who has spent most of her life in Texas around a lot of Spanish speaking people.  No one talks like the way the Fuentes boys do unless they’re in a Taco Bell in a bad Adam Sandler movie.


Ugh.  If you want snark read this series.  Your snark will never end.  The sad thing about this one is the series itself tries to be snarky, and sometimes it does work (sort of).


I think this book was written to be snarked at.  You really can’t read it seriously.  You have to keep in your mind that it’s a parody, otherwise it’s not going to work.


Used to I would never have put this series on the snark list. But after years of disappointment, I just can’t help but laugh at this series inconsistencies and shoddy world building.  Bonus snark for teenagers calling each other my love.  Really, who does that anymore?


The reason this is number one isn’t for the snark potential itself, but for the actual quality of the book.  The first two books in the series are greedy guilty pleasure books.  And I think this is the best sort of snark book to read because there is some quality there.



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