Fiction Face Offs: The Dowager Princess of Genovia versus The Dowager Countess

Welcome, to Fiction Face Offs.  Where I have two fictional characters face off on who is more awesome. Today, I thought we’d look at two grand dowagers.  The Dowager Princess and The Dowager Countess-and yes, I know Downton Abbey is a TV show not a book.  But it still counts because I said so.  Also, if you have a suggestion of who should face off next please leave a comment.


The Dowager Princess (Clarisse Renaldo)

Who Is She: The dowager princess of Genovia.  Princess Mia’s grandmother.  The woman who hand a mental meltdown when Princess Grace died and tatto-ed eyeliner on her eyes.

Claim to Fame:  From producing the musical Braid to causing a strike to occur amongst New York City’s busboys.  Clarisse Renaldo has a way of ruining her granddaughter’s life.  Also, she smokes profusely and drinks lots and lots of sidecars.  Add the hairless poodle and she’s a very memorable lady.

Secret Weapon: Princess lessons.  She’ll find an excuse to make you have them and they’ll be about anything and everything.

Weakness: Her son Phillipe.  Somehow he manages to get her to shut up.  Also, babies apparently make her act like a decent human being as well.

Additional Arsenal: The Genovian National Guard, her body guard, and various credit cards. Also, she has managed to handle a supposedly blind flasher on her own.  So, she’ s not as delicate as she makes her self to be.


The Dowager Countess (Lady Violet)




Who Is She: She’s Lord Grantham’s mother.  And she’s the only one who can put anyone in Downton in their place.

Claim to Fame: Quick quips. Dirty looks.  Affairs with Russian princes.  Meddling in everyone’s life with a fabulous wardrobe.

Secret Weapon: Being portrayed by Maggie Smith.

Weakness: Her family, somehow they always ruin her well set plans.  Also, modern society is a downer as well.

Additional Arsenal: Knowing what fork to use at dinner, a fabulous dinner wardrobe, a staff of servants that don’t include Thomas or the odious O’Brian.


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