Fictional Face Offs: The Battle of the Evil Queens

Welcome, to another battle of Fictional Face Offs.  Last week the Dowager Countess beat Grandmere (big surprise there, one look from Maggie Smith and it was obvious who was going to win).  This week I thought it would be nice to have a battle of the queens.  Evil Queens that is.  As always, the winner is chosen by you (vote).


Queen Levana

Who is She: The current evil despot  ruler of Lunar, Cinder’s aunt, Winter’s stepmother, and a bonafide psychopath. Grant it, she provided no dark curses.

Claim to Evil: Forcing a guy to marry her.  Trying to kill her niece.  Trying to force another man to marry her.  Trying to take over the Earth.  Destroying her own planet (essentially).

Secret Weapon: Mind control.  Evil minions.  A plague.   In other words, if Regina tried to take her heart, Levana would be making her take her own herat.

Weakness: Herself.  Vanity.  Lack of self esteem.  All Regina would need to do is hold up a mirror.

Why She Rules: Because she is Queen Levana and no one else can rule.


Queen Regina



Who Is She: The Evil Queen in the show that does NOT make any sense, but everyone watches any way for its amazing costumes (Once Upon a Time).

Claim to Evil: Destroying an entire population by sending them to another realm, tormenting Snow White because she can’t keep her trap shut, and trying to be good….seriously.  That might be her most evil act of all since it’s ruining the freaking show.

Secret Weapon: Magic.  She’ll pull out your heart or give you a poisoned turnover. Levana probably has food tasters, so she’ll be okay in that regard.

Weakness: Becoming good.  Her dweeb son who only exists as a lame plot device that makes EVERYONE related. All Levanna would have to do is get mind control over Henry and she’d totally own Regina.  Or she could release the plague that would work too.

Why She Rules: Because Rumplestiltskin lets her.


Coming Up Next Week: The Fuentes Brothers (from The Perfect Chemistry series by Simone Elkeles versus The Breaking Bad crew-I think we all know who’s going to win this one). 



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