Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love to Check In With

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

I’ve actually been looking forward to this topic for several weeks.  There are a lot of YA characters I’d like to check in with after their respected arc.  Here are a few:


I know that this book was just released today, but I read an ARC a few months ago.  And I really would like to check in with Kristin and see how things are.  Girl had so much stuff going on, and while it looked like things were picking up for her towards the end of the book, there were still some ongoing issues that she’s going to have to deal with.


I’d like to see what the Potter gang is up to.  Given Rowling’s interview claims about the ill paired relationship it might be fun to see the divorce proceedings of a certain ill fated couple. I doubt Won Won could pay child support.    Okay, that’s the nasty family lawyer side in me coming up-but if you work in family law you have to have something to make your world seem less bleak.  And you take what you can get.  All kidding aside, I really want to know what’s going on with my Hogwarts friends.


A mean part of me wants to see Bella deal with Nesise during puberty.  Grant it, Nessie will  only probably be like three then.  Ew.


I always wanted to see more of Beth and Ryan.  I liked the little sneak peak into Echo and Noah’s life, and wanted something similar with these two.  I feel like we didn’t see the entire journey that these two were going to share.


This was probably one of the worst if not the worst read for me in 2014.  However, I am interested to know if Colby’s life finally started picking up.  I hope for her sake it did.  Because it sucked.


While things were wrapped up nicely enough, I feel like there were some loose ends with some of the supporting cast (cough, Tim, cough) that I wanted wrapped up.  The good news is he’s getting his own book.


I really loved this book and after four hundred pages, I still wanted to know more about Kate’s future.  Yes, I know she got into Harvard and things seem to be picking up with her dad.  But I still wanted more…damn it.


Had to put this one in here even though I’m getting more of Princess Mia this summer.  I am interested in knowing the following things: 1) Is she still obsessed with Lifetime, 2) Does she still make lists, and 3) Does Michael’s neck still smell good?


I chose this particular Beauty and the Beast retelling, but really I’m interested in knowing what happens after the transformation in any Beauty and the Beast retelling or story.  Personally, I always wanted one of those bad Disney sequels for the Disney movie.  And I know, we got the crappy Christmas movie that my cousin gave to me when I was like ten because I asked her if she wanted it (because my mom told me to) and I had to act like I liked it even though I was like Tim Curry as an Organ makes a lousy bad guy and whatever.  The point is, I think the dynamics between the two could be interesting post transformation.  And I’d sort of like to see if Belle would ever address the fact that she fell in love basically because of Stockholm Syndrome.  And what did the townpeople do when their missing prince showed up?  Okay, I’m talking about the movie, but the same sort of thing could be applied to The Cruel Beauty world as well.  I mean, random hot guy showing up.  You have to think of an explanation there.  And again, more character development.


While, I loved Bex and Nicholas, I really wanted more Freddie.  He was what made the book for me.  I really want to see more of his story and pray to the book gods for a sequel.  I’m hoping the sort of open ending means he’ll get one. And again, it’s another book just released today.

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Love to Check In With

  1. Yes! I too am wondering if Michael’s neck still smells good. Also, there is a tiny tiny part of me that always wondered how the Dursleys ended up. Just a tiny part.

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