Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I’ll Probably Never Read

There are some books you know that are just not for you.  This book entry is going to talk about ten books that I’m currently not going to read.  For various reasonsTop Ten Tuesday is an event brought to you by the Broke and the Bookish.


Pro-Life propaganda.  Barf.  Seriously, if you’re going to talk about this issue give a well balanced view of the subject matter. And that cover just says everything that’s wrong with the book.  Really, ghost baby?  To be fair, it might be better than I’m giving it credit for.  But I guess we’ll never find out.


Ha!  No.  No.  No.  I really couldn’t make much sense out of Frozen, so there’s-excuse the really bad pun- a snowball’s chance in hell that I’m reading Stolen.


This book just looks like a huge Harry Potter rip off.  Which isn’t that big of a surprise given one of the author’s history with Harry Potter.  It might be decent though.  I just don’ t think I’ll be putting any effort into finding out though.


I love Ms. Rowling, but I just don’t think think this book is for me.  It reminds me of stuff I would be forced to read in school about depressing English people.  I majored in English so I read a lot of books about depressed English people.  So, no thank you.


Um, nobody kills Mr. Darcy especially when Colin Firth plays him in the movie version.  Seriously, was Fielding drunk when she came up with this idea?  You NEVER EVER KILL DARCY. AND THE IDEA OF IT HAS MADE ME SO MAD I STARTED TYPING IN ALL CAPS .  SERIOUSLY, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS BOOK. I WILL NEVER READ IT AND PRETEND THAT IT DOESN’T EXIST!


Why?  Just why?  I don’t even care.  You’d think with America and Maxton being the revolutionaries they are, they’d stop this stupid sexist contest.  But nope.  They just gender bend it and ABC did it already.  Who bets this pretty much the same as the first one. Lots of stupid dresses and another groan worthy love triangle and world building that makes no fucking sense.


Um, I read enough online when it was on to know what trash this is.  So Mr. Grey you and your fascination with dirty tampons and red rooms of pain can just keep away from me.


Really, anything by John Green.  I just don’t like the MPDG (Manic Pixie Dream Girl) trope and that’s like Green’s thing.


No one wanted to be around me when I read The Hush Hush saga.  I think that should explain about everything there is to know about why I probably won’t be reading this book by Becca Fitzpatrick.


I read things about the ending of this series that just have me frowning.  Which is sad because besides the ending, it seems like it totally would be my thing.  Oh, well.


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I’ll Probably Never Read

  1. I have read black ice and quite enjoyed it, but I have never read anything else by her. I did not know Mr Darcy was killed off in the books, I have only seen the films, I tried to read the first book but really could not get into it. I also will never read 50 shades, not even read a sentence but I cannot bear t read it. Nice list 🙂

  2. i read Frozen but not reading the second one. I thought I was the only that couldn’t make sense of what was happening in the book.

    • Yeah, you and I aren’t apparently the only ones. I’ve talked to a lot of people when i was attempting to make sense of it. All I know is that Melissa de la Cruz had to have flunked World Geography because the Pacific Ocean is not located in the Rocky Mountains.

  3. It seems like Melissa de la Cruz keeps slipping lower and lower on my list of authors to eventually read because everything I hear about her books are bad :/
    I checked out Frozen once but I didn’t actually get around to reading it. Just reading another comment about the lack of accuracy makes me back away from her books more.

    • The first four Blue Bloods books are decent and I like her chick lit. So if you do eventually give her stuff a try, I can recommend those with little to no problems. I think my main problem with her is inconsistent world building and she gives up on series. Seriously, there were a couple of series she stopped writing all together because she got bored with them.

      • Oh…. well I guess I’ll just research the series before I start them just to see how long they get before she stops writing them. Thanks for the info though!

      • Yeah, I think only the Ashleys and Girl in the Picture were discontinued. Her Au Pairs series and Blue Bloods are complete. I think Witches of East End is also complete too, but it’s getting a spinoff (not sure if it’s continuing the book or the TV world since she is assuring fans of that fandom that the show continues in it and the book is completely different from the show).

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