Top Ten Tuesday: Ick Ships

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.  I decided to use this freebie to discuss ick ships.  Ships I can’t help, but ship even though I know I shouldn’t.  The inspiration for this topic, was my recent reading of The Wrath and the Dawn.   Where I found that…well, I actually ship a lot of ick ships.


While I did swoon over St. Anna moments, I really wasn’t a fan of this romance.  It involves cheating and I really do not do well with cheating.  It’s sort of a trigger issue for me.  The mind games he plays with Anna and his ex just have me wanting to throw my copy of this book at him.  The thing is, there are a lot of layers to the character and sweet moments between him Anna that I did end up reluctantly shipping them together.  But still, definite ick ship.


A Meg Cabot book on the ick lips.  I know, blasphemy. All her ships are generally swoony.  But this one eh.  I really did not ship it in the  first book, but then it sort of got an ick ship vibe about it. That I couldn’t help but find these two characters compelling together.  Even though he technically did kidnap her to the underworld.


A Beauty and the Beast retelling is on this list, no big surprise there to be honest.  This relationship has all the makings of an ick ship, yet it oddly is shippable.  And it is no exception with this book.


I’m pretty sure I’m shipping Nalia with the wrong guy, but there’s just a creepy intensity between her and Malek that is oddly attractive.  On the surface, this one of the worst relationships ever.  I should not condone it.  And I don’t but….they have chemistry.  And he can be nice.  Seriously, what is wrong with me for shipping this awful ship.


Roth and Layla.  He might a have used her and be a demon.  But damn.  Speaking of hot demons, why do I have an aversion towards them. I was such a Phole shipper in Charmed and look where that got me.  And come to think of it, Phole was an icky ship too.  Dude.  What is wrong with me?


I’m not a huge fan of Rose/Dimitri but they were okay in the first book and they definitely have the ick couple vibe.  Dude, you’re her teacher.  Just stop.  But there’s chemistry, yeah until Adrian comes a long.  Well, at least there’s Sydrian.


A definite ew ship if there was ever one.  Or ew ships if you shipped Jack Force with anyone in his triangle.  Mimi is technically his twin sister-EWWWEEWWWEEWWWEEWEWEWEWEEWWEW-and Schuyler is technically his cousin.  Add the adultery aspect and EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.  Yet, I do oddly like him and Schuyler because they’re really not cousins and the whole secret romance thing was sort of cute before they actually got together because then they got sort of boring.


Because I really shouldn’t kidnap this one.  There’s no need to hijack and kidnap someone.  Even if you are a wrongfully fugitive who used to be a hot movie star.  Hot movie star.


I don’t think your suppose to ship this couple first.  They’re clearly just having quick hook ups and the way Wesley treated Bianca at first I was just like ick.  But as this evolved the ickness level disappeared.  Leaving me with an adorable couple.


Khalid has murdered all of his other wives.  Why would I even want his in Shahrzad together.  I just do okay.  It’s sort of like Rumbelle.  The poor girl should dump him, he’s all dark and borderline creepy and you could say abusive, but there’ s just something that makes you find the relationship compelling even though you’re like secretly-dude, that’s messed up.


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