Awesomly Lifetime and Hallmark: A Deadly Adoption

Will Farrell and Kristin Wiig in a Lifetime movie?  I didn’t think they were D-list/former soap stars.  But yes, they are in a Lifetime movie that’s apparently a parody of Lifetime movie.  Of course, that’s bait enough to have me review it.

The Gist:

So, this follows the standard adoption/surrogate horror story model Lifetime is so known for. It actually reminded me a lot of a Cameron Mathison movie I saw on Lifetime a few years ago, but Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig’s acting even in parody form is a lot better than Cameron’s so…Anyway, Wiig and Ferrell are desperately seeking for another baby after a “terrible” accident and a Megan Fox lookalike psycho comes in their lives and “drama’ occurs.  And if you miss your soap stars starring in Lifetime movies, don’t worry Diane from General Hospital makes a few appearances as Ferrell’s agent/publicist.


For a parody, this was a much more quieter parody than I thought it would be.  Especially with Wiig and Ferrel in it.  Seriously, seeing them act like Lifetime actors was weird.

The thing is, the film oddly worked. I don’t know if it would’ve worked though, if I wasn’t used to all of the Lifetime tropes if it would’ve been as successful.  That being said, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

The film made fun of all of the things that bother the shit out of me about Lifetime movies.  The thing was, it never differed from the usual formula.  I kept waiting for a twist or something odd to happen, but it never occurred. Save for that weird dancing scene.

And to be honest, a part of me wonders if a twist would’ve helped or hurt the film.  It’s a very thin line.  While Wiig and Ferrell rocked their performances of the “tortured” couple, the supporting roles were a little meh.  Especially the role of the crazy not so pregnant lady.

Is  it just me or does Lifetime have a way of styling their “evil” characters that’s just almost archaic and insulting.  Seriously, it’s always a darker headed girl with a lot of makeup dressed in quasi revealing clothing (even when pregnant) it’s really insulting.

The girl who played Bridget (the psycho not so pregnant girl’s) acting was almost wooden.  I don’t know if they really wanted to capture this Lifetime trope or not, but regardless it sort of rubbed me the wrong way because both Ferrell and Wiig were able to make their Lifetime cliche characters interesting to watch.

Lifetime Squeal:

Not really any squeals here.  And I don’t really ogle when Will Ferrell is on my screen I laugh at him.  The way the film is shot they want you to ogle over the pregnant Megan Fox lookalike a lot though. And she has a hot hillbilly boyfriend or partner in crime, so there’s that for your man candy.

OMG Lifetime Moment:

Try everything.  It’s a parody.  So they did try-and succeeded at including all the tropes.  From tortured marriage, to child in danger, we don’t care if he’s dead b.f.f., and hidden secrets this film had it all.

Dean Cain Rating:

This movie was a hoot for me.  Especially after Double Daddy.  It highlighted all the sheer ridiculousness that Lifetime has to offer.  It only lacked decent supporting actors. Of the Lifetime Dean Cain’s I give it a B.


4 thoughts on “Awesomly Lifetime and Hallmark: A Deadly Adoption

  1. Your article really made me want to see Wiig and Ferrel in this faux Lifetime movie! However, “Please sign in to view this video” is all that comes up when I try to play the vid. Is there another link you can post?

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