Top Ten Tuesday: YA Romance

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic was to provide a course list of books for a certain theme in YA.  I decided that I was going to basically pick ten YA books that focused on romance.


Spinoffs are a hard thing to get right.  Especially romances in spinoffs-because more often than not it’s the loser in a love triangle that gets the spinoff and it’s just a wannabe of the past heroine who becomes the lead.  Surprisingly though, I enjoyed the romance between Sydney and Adrian a lot more than I ever enjoyed the romance with Rose and anyone.  I think this was in part because of the build up.  It is a slow burn and by the time they actually decide they like each other enough to kiss you are so shipping them already.


There are multiple ships to root for in this series, and that’s why it makes this list.  Doing ensemble romance is a very difficult thing to do.  Often series are always about “the ship”.  However, while there is one obvious leading ship (Kai and Cinder) the supporting ships also get their due in this series.  Even Queen Levana has a ship, a very creepy I’m not going to ship it ship, but Meyer took time to show that the queen wanted to have romance in her life and from a creepy angle you sort of get where Levana is coming from.


Not really YA, but there are enough (good and bad) retellings for it to be on the list.  I think the Darcy and Elizabeth dynamic is just timeless.  I recently just watched Bride and Prejudice and as kooky as that move is it still pulled it off because of that romance.


The romance in Anna shouldn’t be my thing since there’s some cheating involved, BUT I like the way the story evolves.  Perkins has a way of suckering you into the romance.  I don’t know what exactly it is.  Maybe it’s the atmosphere.  Maybe it’s the characters.  But it just works.


Watts and Mycroft.  Enough said.


This series is so underrated.  Remind me to do a reread of it.  The ship in it is fantastic.  It’s realistic and even though the book is paranormal, the love interest is not a vampire, werewolf, warlock, or anything that has super powers.  That my friends, is nice.


Not YA but it’s my list.  I actually like how realistic this couple is despite the circumstances.  So it’s going on here.  Realism in romance is a huge plus for me.  While I like to be taken aback by the fairytale, I also want there to be a smidgen of realism there so I can actually think that-hey, it could happen.


Another not really YA novel, but the relationship makes this book.  I like how it’s a slow burn relationship that doesn’t eclipse the rest of the book.  The dynamic between the two characters really is fantastic.


I sort of have a thing for Beauty and the Beast retellings, okay?  And I just love how this book gets into the relationship.  I’ve read that some people don’t get the ship and I totally get it.  Especially since there’s this other guy who just holds presence….but…..ship.


All of Meg Cabot’s books could be on this list, but I chose her most famous series because why not.  Actually, I chose Diaries because I find it’s the best evolution of a relationship.  You see two people in all different stages of their relationship.  And it’s nice to see that a YA relationship can be rocky and still get a happily ever after-eventually.


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