Top Ten Tuesday: Everybody (Okay, Me) Hates You

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Today’s topic is characters you don’t click with, for whatever reason.  There are lots of obnoxious I hate you characters in YA.  But I think, hope, I limited to ten worthy contenders for this list.


Lilliana Young or “Young Lily” and her Tiger Curse’s counterpart Kelsey easily make this list.  I almost gave them both their own entries.  The bad thing about these characters is that they are blatantly Sues, something that I’m finding gets a book on this list fairly fast.  I ended up putting Lilliana rather than Kelsey on the list mainly because of how ungraciously privilege this character is.  It just infuriates me.


This character with her narrow minded views is a big reason why Hello, I Love You didn’t really work.  I think a lot of the issues with Grace, the main character, is that the author was trying to create a character with faults (which is a good thing).  The execution though….no me gusta.


For what was supposed to be a character drive novel, I thought it was very poorly done.  The main character, Alex, did not feel like a real character.  I think this undercut both of the issues the book was supposed to give awareness to-transgender and intersex individuals.  I think the author more or less properly define what being intersex is like and made it more or less the reason why the main character was trans which sort of marginalized the whole thing and made it a failure.


This is probably the only character that wants to be on this list.  Crazy psychotic and beyond likable, Levana deserves to be on this list.  BUT this was the actual feeling that Meyer wanted you to have for Levana so it freaking works.  It shows that you don’t have to have to have a likable lead to have a decent book, but it’s sort of hard thing to do.


I just ordered this series because people tell me that it does get better to levels of awesomeness that Mass’s other series gets to.  But to be honest, one of the reasons I was so reluctant to continue is I really don’t like Celaena.  She just comes off as super vain, and I really don’t see her as the world’s greatest assassin-she reminds me of that girl in Quest of Camelot who always talks about wanting to be a knight, lots of talk but when you come down to the actual thing sort of pathetic.


This is a character I just want to smack.  Like Celaena she lives in a world of delusion of thinking she’s a bad ass (she’s not).  She makes horrible life choices to the point, where I couldn’t force myself to finish the god damn series even though I love Robin Hood.  This Robin Hood does not speak with an English accent.  Neither does this Will Scarlet, come to think of it.  She speaks in a fan fic street urchin accent.  Can you just say ew.


Fibby ruined what was otherwise a pretty decent book.  I feel like this character really didn’t have much too her.  And while I got why she was gunho for revenge ( because her parents/ two minute friend were killed and her middle school romance betrayed her)and all, she went sort of in the boiling bunnies category for revenge.  So….yeah, I wouldn’t invite her to become a member of my book club.


Another backstabbing YA protagonist who wears a halo.  Yay?  Honestly, my beef with America is that she doesn’t have to work for anything.  The entire series really feels like wish fulfillment to me.


Most sanctimonious character ever. Seriously, take away her halo and Bethany Church would be a Duggar but instead of an Ashley Madison scandal she’d have a I had sex with the alligators observing scandal.


I read this entire series.  And I can tell you without any doubt this if I ever see Zoey Redbird again it will be way, way, too soon.  And she’ll be getting a fictional knuckle sandwich from yours truly.


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