Top Ten Tuesday: Complete Series I Haven’t Finished

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This topic was sort of hard for me to put together since I have a compulsion to finish series.  However, here are a few I either haven’t gotten around to finish reading yet or DNF’d.


I lost interest in the second installment and couldn’t continue.  Which is a shame.  The main character is just so infuriating though.  I just don’t like her and her phony street urchin accent.


I sort of forgot that this one came out-I think I was a 3L at the time.  And that can make you forget a lot of things. Evie started grating on my nerves a lot in book two, so I think that played a role in why I didn’t finish it.


I have the last one in my TBR pile.  Pretty sure the guy I voted for didn’t win and I’m okay with it, but it’s going to make the book a lot more boring (IMHO) because the guy I think that won is an easier choice.  I always seem to go for the one that’s a lot more difficult.  Note, this is a lot of speculation on my part.  For all I know the guy I voted for could’ve won (I doubt it).


I think this series is completed.  It was rumored that there was going to be a modern Westmoreland novel coming out-said rumor was about a decade ago, but it still hasn’t come out yet and even if it does, well, just call these the historic Westomoreland (or should I say Asshole) saga.  I read all of this one and go through it mainly because I knew this took place during the dark ages.  But I couldn’t stomach Whitney My Love to finish it.  Though I hear Until You is a decent, so…..maybe one day?


I heard bad things about the last book and honestly I wasn’t terribly impressed with the first.  It was good, but not great.  The best thing it has going for it is it’s cover.


I didn’t even finish the first book.  It’s just that…I don’t think Kagawa and I really mix.  There’s only been like one book I’ve finished from her and to be honest while it was well written, it didn’t impress me that much to solider on with that series.  And this particular book I tried to read it for months and it just never happened.


I liked this book and am planning on reading the rest of the series, but I want to library it.  But it’s one of those series where library-ing it is sort of difficult.  And since I already bought a series to binge read this year (The Throne of Glass books) I don’t know if I’ll be indulging anytime soon.


I have the second book already to go on my e-reader, but it’s hard to get me to actually read on the e-reader.  There’s something about reading a physical copy that’s a lot easier for me.  I think it’s because I get very distracted with checking my email and stuff on my Kindle.  Bad, MJ, bad.


I need to finish this series, but again it’s a designated library series which means I have to reserve it since my new library is crappy.


I loved the first installment in this dulogy and am looking forward to seeing how Fine expands the story.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Complete Series I Haven’t Finished

  1. Yeah, don’t read Lion Heart, that book was BAD. I kind of liked the first one of the series because of *ahem* Robin Hood, and Scarlet was tolerable in it. (Except the eating part, girl why are you starving yourself just because everyone else is starving?? Where’s the logic in that?)

    So I was cautiously hyped for the next one. And boy was I disappointed! There was so much crying and moaning and torture and unnecessary death. But then I thought, the second book of a trilogy is always a tricky one, and usually it sucks compared to the first one. So no worries, I’m sure the last one will be awesome!

    And so it was awesomely bad. There wasn’t enough plot to last through the book and essentially the whole book was about Scarlet getting a makeover and wearing pretty princess dresses. Where was the knife throwing badass from the book one? This series was such a missed opportunity.

    By the way, I love your blog, so don’t you dare to stop! 😉
    I found your blog by accident last spring (and what a happy accident it was!)
    I really like your writing style, it’s funny and smart but also serious when need to be. And I really like that you have the guts to outright say if certain book is “racist” in it’s depiction of different cultures or if it’s “stupid” in some other way. (I hope you get my meaning, english isn’t my first language and sometimes you just can’t find the right words!)
    Also your taste in books is so similar to mine, and nowadays i come here to get book recommendations rather than browse Goodreads 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s the general consensus I’ve heard-about Lion Heart. Honestly, what made me give up the series was the way Scarlet’s relationship with Robin was in the second book. Definite shades of abuse in there, IMO.

      Ah, thanks for the encouragement.

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