Top Ten Tuesday: Top Mash Ups

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Today’s  topic is top ten mash ups.  To shake things up I’m not only matching authors with other authors, but authors with screen writers as well because why not.

10)Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King: Because it would be a mash up from hell.  Mwhahahahaha.  Come to think of it, the mash up from hell would probably be Stephenie Meyer and EL James (but I don’t want to start the apocalypse with vampires who are obsessed with tampons).  Actually, I’d like to see what King would do to the Twilight characters.  I’m sure if anyone could make them interesting or at least have a crazy clown kill all of them.

9)Ellie Marney, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss: There are so many Dr. Who spinoffs why can’t there be a Sherlock spinoff that’s really an adaptation of Marney’s Every trilogy.  Marney can write a great mystery and you could totally adapt the second book to have Sherlock and Watson meet up with Mycroft and Watts.  Sold, sold, sold.

8)Huntley Fitzpatrick and Sarah Dessen: Because duh.  It would be the contemporary of the ages.

7)Melissa de la Cruz and Ron Carlivati: Because de la Cruz writes soap opera and Carlivati used to write soap operas until he dragged out his story lines for two plus years and ratings tanked.  All kidding aside though, when Carlivati wants to he can write decently (actually he can write pretty good ).  I think if anyone wanted to turn Blue Bloods into a TV show he would be the one to go too.  He’d probably adapt the books into something a little more campy than de la Cruz did-though I really don’t know how much cheesier you can get when you have your 16 year old characters refer to each other as “my love” the point is I think if you had these two collaborate it could be interesting good or not so good.  I’m hoping for good.

6)Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Ally Carter: I think they’re friends IRL, so this could potentially totally happen.  And I wish it would.  At the very least I think there could be a crossover between the Gallagher Girls and The Fixer.

5)Sarah J Maas and Rosamunde Hodge: Because epic fairytale retelling.  That’s why.

4)Lisa Kleypas and Judith McNaught: I’ve been reading a lot of historical romances by these ladies lately.  I enjoy their books, but I feel like both authors are missing something the other has down pact.  Why not combine the two?

3)JK Rowling and Marissa Meyer: Because book would be total boss.  Both the authors excel in world building and I would read anything by both of them.  Though I know it’s sort of a weird pick since cyborgs and wizards are two completely different things.  Though Cinder has mind magic (sort of, it’s really bio electricity).

2)Jane Austen and Any Historical Romance Novelist: Hey, there was nothing on this list that I couldn’t feature a dead author.  I think it would be hilarious to see how Austen would react to a modern day regency novel.  Especially the sex scenes.  But what would be even better would be a collaboration of old and new, I would totally eat up a book like that.  Oh yeah, we get Austen retellings but they just lack the magic that an actual Austen novel has.

1)Meg Cabot and Amy Sherman Palladino: I would kill for a book or a TV show collaboration form these two.  I think there are plenty of Cabot books already perfect for collaboration.  Queen of Babble, I think would be a nice choice.  Of course, Lizzie movies to New York City and that’s a little bit different than Stars Hollow but I can imagine the snappy dialogue  and how Sherman Palladino could flesh out the side characters.  Teen Idol would also be a good one to expand on and bonus that it has the small town setting.   Heck, they could even pay Meg Cabot to be a consult for an entire new project with Palladino and it would be killer.




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