Shallow Pet Post: Puppies!

The below post features a lot of pictures of my new long haired Chihuahua puppies-Pinky and Brainy (yes, I named them after the 90’s cartoon characters).  I just got them this weekend.  They’re currently living with my mom until after I take the bar here, but you know…puppy pictures.  So,  if you don’t like puppies or extreme cuteness stop reading now.

THe Kids


The pups are currently staying at home right now-my mother is holding them in the picture (she hates getting her photo taken, so I’m actually surprised my sister convinced her to take this shot).  Pinky is the white little boy, and Brainy is the dark headed little girl.

Pinky ears

Was sent this picture today.  Apparently his ears have finally popped up.  The vet said it took so long because he’s currently teething (they are 10 1/2 weeks old and weigh a little over two pounds.

Dolly and DP JR

Dolly (my sister’s rat terrier) and Brainy are holding paws.  I think she thinks Brainy is her long lost baby.

IMG_20151011_202841Pinky with my mom’s dog, Baby.  Baby hasn’t been doing the best lately, but she seems to like Pinky.

Candy Corn

Brainy modeling her spiffy candy corn jacket.


Finally, a photo of Patty (barking) because if I don’t include a picture of her here she’ll be even more jealous than she already is.


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