Top Ten Tuesday: Best Characters to Halloween

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week the topic is fair game as well as it’s Halloween oriented.  I thought for this week, I’d look at the ten best character to dress up like and I’d provide some tips about how to dress like them-or links, since I’m not really in a tip like mood.

Because Halloween, that’s why.

10) Bella Swan: I actually did a how to guide for this character a couple of years ago, so I’m going to link it here.  Honestly, what I think might be a more interesting costume is going as Beauford Swan.  Okay, maybe not he’s just as boring as Bella.  It is though a fairly easy costume to do.  Just practice your Kristen Stewart I don’t give a flip/haven’t showered in a week look and you’ll be ready to go.

9) Nancy Drew: Another character I did a dress up guide too.  This one is fun because there are so many versions of Nancy you can go as.  The sleek looking vintage version, the mom jeans wearing video game version, or you could always go for one of the various movie or television adaptation versions.

8) Any Meg Cabot Character: Because they’re ridiculously easy to dress like and it’s sort of cheat since I did multiple Polyvore sets for the characters.  What’s so nice about these characters though is that most of them are average day girls whose sense in fashion is usually described in express detail.

7)The Lunar Chronicles: I haven’t made any sets or guides for how to dress these characters, but I think a Halloween costume-a good Halloween costume would be to dress like these characters.  I actually saw some people dress like these characters at a book signing (wish I would’ve gotten some photos).  What I think is so interesting about the costumes that I saw was that they could be fairly simple or elaborate.  Personally, the more elaborate the better.  You could use one of these Once Upon a Time costumes for inspiration.

6) The Blue Bloods Characters: Okay, I know.  I’m sort of rehashing my What Would ___ Wear series that I did.  But it’s an essential Halloween guide IMHO.  It gives you pictures of clothes that you can use for your inspiration.  If you like wearing OTT couture go as one of these characters.  You also can make it a little more traditional Halloween-y by drawing veins on your arms or what not.

5) Jane Austen or Other Regency Characters: If you’re more of a romantic type you might want to dress like a Regency character.  Not surprisingly, there are a few shops on Etsy that sell regency inspired dresses.  Some you can even tailor to perfection.

4) Harry Potter and the gang: A good old standby if there ever was one. However, what I think might be more original is going as one of the side characters like Severus Snape or Hagrid.  This guy seems to have the Snape thing down pact.

3) Anyway YA Girl in a Ballgown: Meaning about 70% of YA book covers.  This could actually be a parody costume-to a degree-and a great way to reuse an old prom dress.

2) Lola Nolan from Lola and the Boy Next Door: I did a series of Lola looks last year in my Isla reread.  She’s great to dress up for Halloween because she dresses for Halloween all year around.

1) The Headless Horseman: Because why not go with a classic.



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