Lifetime YA: More YA Novels Ripe for the Picking for Lifetime

A couple of years ago I did a post about YA movies being converted into Lifetime movies.  Unlike other forms of media, Lifetime movies have a certain quality about them that makes only a certain quality of book ripe for them.   With the advent of None of the Above-do not mess it up Lifetime-being picked up by the network, I thought I’d look at more Lifetime contenders.

I DNF’d this book but it has all the makings of a Lifetime movie or TV show.  Somehow Lifetime loves the idea of a fallen star or protagonist in general that has been sent to rehab.  The fact that Pagan has been convicted of manslaughter makes it even more Lifetime bait.  I do worry that Lifetime wouldn’t be able to get the period piece right though.  In Witches of East End their Edwardian flashback scenes were horrible in the fact that they thought the Edwardians were completely okay with complete displays of cleavage.  Obviously, they have not talked to the Dowager Countess to get that shit straight.

Because Mori is fucked up, and Lifetime likes fucked up leads.  The whole abuse storyline with her father is right up their ally too.  I can see Lifetime heavily upping the romance if they adapted this one though.  But if they kept Mori fucked up, it could make for an interesting television adaptation.

If done right this could be an amazing TV series or miniseries adaptation.  I’m skeptical that Lifetime could do this, but at the same time I could see them being the perfect network to adapt it because there are a lot of underlying themes of feminism here that Lifetime attempts to do from time from time.  And sometimes they actually do succeed at it.

Again, could make for an interesting series for Lifetime if they approached this anthology like True Detective.   Or maybe even focusing on a couple of these stories per season.  Why is this perfect for Lifetime because it centers around strong women characters.  Of course, it might not be as melodramatic as Lifetime likes.

I know they picked up None of the Above already and even though the stories are completely different-one is about a girl who finds out she’s intersex and the other is about a transgender girl, I feel like they do share very familiar themes in what is a woman.  I think it would sort of be cool if this book was turned into an original movie because I think it could showcase a lot of things in a ninety minute window.  And there’s a lot of heartbreak and drama in it, that if Lifetime did it justice could make it Emmy worthy.  Plus, I would really love it if the Network would embrace all kinds of women-meaning, not just cis gendered women.

Girl who worked as a stripper to support herself before finding out she has a rich guardian.  Lifetime movie right there, baby.  Or TV series.

Everyone who knows me, knows I really hate this series and the only reason I’m recommending it here is because Lifetime can make pretty decent adaptations of cruddy series-see The Witches of East End series and Aunt Wendy- and I’d like to see what they could do here.  Maybe they’d have America be a long lost princess in typical YA fantasy/dystopia tradition.  Or maybe they’d have Ass-pen go to secret ninja school or something to make him a little bit more interesting and a worthwhile rival to Maxon.  I don’t know, it wouldn’t take that much effort to make a TV or movie miniseries of this series better than the original.

This is another one that Lifetime could culture into being either a gem of a movie or a kick ass and interesting TV show.  It deals with mental illness-what’s real and what’s not.  I know there’s been that show on TNT, Perception, which touched upon these themes.  But I think Lifetime could make this book into something extraordinary.  Of course, it could be a total bomb too which I would hate to watch.  But if they did it right it would be wow worthy.

Lifetime has done the escaping from a cult trope more than a couple of times, sometimes it comes off better than other times.  I think Mathieu’s book gives them some good material to make a realistic version of how someone escapes one a patriarchal cult.  It doesn’t demonize the people in the cult so much, but at the same time she did address that the group was suppressive and wrong for the main character.




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