Top Ten Tuesday: As Time Goes By

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

Occasionally, after I read something and let it sit-sometimes even post review-my feelings change for it.  Here, are ten books for better or worse that my opinion changed post read.


I gave this one a middling rating, but I found that I might underrated it.  There were some cool things about this book that I overlooked and as far as Snow White retellings go, it’s actually pretty decent.


I still really don’t know what to think of this series and the second book has been released.  I was meh about it, on retrospect thought it explored some good themes so decided to give it another chance, and am now meh about it again.  Shrugs.


I was a little disappointed after I read this one, but still excited for the next installment.  Thing is, I waited so long for the next book to be released, I now could care less.  And the sequel is just now sitting there on my shelf.


I’ve just gotten angrier as I sit on this book, and I thought it would be one that I forgot.  I think the issue with this book is that it’s Richelle Mead and even though it’s more blah than bad that’s just unacceptable for a Richelle Mead book.


I seemed to be a bit of a black sheep in how much I liked this one.  The thing is, when I read the sequel I started wondering if it really was as good as I though it was.  I’m finding that’s how a lot of these books that made this list turn arounds happened.  I read the original loved or hated it, then I read the next installment and bam.


When I fist read this book I thought it was a sweet YA book that featured mermaids.  Now I think it was way too simplistic and I wish that some common sense would be knocked into the main character.  It is pretty typical YA for a book released in the period though.  Formulaic to a T.


I still love this book, but my whole thought process surrounding it has changed upon reading its sequel. I think there were some things that I did not see first time around.


Another Richelle Mead book.  I gave this one a five star rating, but in hindsight that was way too high.  I was just living up the ship at that point and could look past all the cheese.  Not so much now.


I used to love this series, but in retrospect it was problem filled.  I think if I reread it from cover to cover I probably wouldn’t have given it as high as a rating as I did in the past.


I only gave this one three stars, and I while I do think the rating was technically right.  I really enjoyed it, especially in retrospect.  It is such a fun book.  Perfect, no.  But I am finding that I’m still talking about it-a lot-a year post read and that’s a good thing.


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