Evil Ending: The Flame Never Dies by Rachel Vincent

One spark will rise.

Nina Kane was born to be an exorcist. And since uncovering the horrifying truth—that the war against demons is far from over—seventeen-year-old Nina and her pregnant younger sister, Mellie, have been on the run, incinerating the remains of the demon horde as they go.

In the badlands, Nina, Mellie, and Finn, the fugitive and rogue exorcist who saved her life, find allies in a group of freedom fighters. They also face a new threat: Pandemonia, a city full of demons. But this fresh new hell is the least of Nina’s worries. The well of souls ran dry more than a century ago, drained by the demons secretly living among humans, and without a donor soul, Mellie’s child will die within hours of its birth.

Nina isn’t about to let that happen…even if it means she has to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

Source: GoodReads

The Stars Never Rise was a surprise read for me in 2o15.   But I really shouldn’t be that surprised.  Every Rachel Vincent book I’ve read has been solid for the most part (grant it, up till that point I only read one).  So after I read it and saw that there was a sequel.  I hit the pre-order button and then sort of forgot about it until it showed up in my PO box a  few weeks ago.

In fact, I sort of forgot about the entire book so I felt a disconnect to a lot of the characters when I first started reading the book.  That didn’t mean the book was bad though.

To the contrary, it was solidly written.  And I oddly liked the ending even though it was more or less a bit of a cliff hanger that will never get resolved because the book is a duology.

Still though, while a part of me didn’t like the way the book ended, a part of me liked the way it left things.  It felt realistic.  I feel like with a lot of the post apocalyptic series the endings just sort of ridiculous in how everything resolves itself so I liked that this ended on a note where everything wasn’t bunny rabbits and roses.  At the same time though.


The main character, Nina, is still pretty decent.  There are times I wanted to shake her for being a little too moony eyed over Finn, but she is a teenage girl.  I did feel that some of the more emotional bits of this book were glossed over.  There were some conversations that I wanted developed further, but overall it was solid.

Finn isn’t as prevalent in this one as much as he was in the last book.  Again, this is okay, but seeing how he was such a driving force in the last book I expected him to have more of a role here.

Overall,  it is a decent book.  A solid book.  A good book, but it’s not going to stick with me in the future.  I am a Rachel Vincent fan though.  I think I might try to read all her Soul Screamers series next year-it’s like an eight or nine book series, so getting me interested in making a series commitment is quite impressive.

Overall Rating: B+

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