It’s Like if Princess Mia Got With that Creep Josh and Bonus Regency Outfits: The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet by Natasha Farrant

In the tradition of Longbourn, Mr. Darcy’s Diary, and Prom and Prejudice…

Lydia is the youngest of the five Bennet girls. She’s stubborn, never listens, and can’t seem to keep her mouth shut–not that she would want to anyway. She’s bored with her country life and wishes her older sisters would pay her attention . . . for once!

Luckily, the handsome Wickham arrives at Longbourn to sweep her off her feet. Lydia’s not going to let him know THAT, of course, especially since he only seems to be interested in friendship. But when they both decide to summer in the fasionable seaside town of Brighton, their paths become entangled again.

At the seaside, Lydia also finds exciting new ways of life and a pair of friends who offer her a future she never dreamed of. Lydia finally understands what she really wants. But can she get it?

A fresh, funny, and spirited reimagining of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet brings the voice of the wildest Bennet sister alive and center stage like never before. 

Source: GoodReads

Another Jane Austen retelling?

Insert disappointment.

I know, I know. I should know better. I have been through so many of these retellings at this point I should be able to know instantly that 9/10 times I’m not going to like them The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennett was no exception.

Full disclosure, I bought this book thinking it was somehow related to the web series that everyone has bemoaning about for the past few years with a slight recover design. It’s not though. I don’t know why I thought it was. Lydia is wearing full on regency regalia on the cover and that series is a modern retelling.

It’s not. Pretty much it’s one of those retellings where the only thing that is different is that this book takes place in Lydia’s POV. Sure, I bet it deviates once she runs off with Wickham but the seventy pages that I read pretty much regurgitated the story.   And that’s the sort of thing that annoys me

Plus, it didn’t help that Lydia’s tone read really, really, young and even though I know she was young in the original and that partly made the ickiness with Wickham it was still ick. And I was hoping that well, there would be some twist with how Lydia’s story worked out but I flipped to the end and—

Nope. Nope. Nope.  From what it read like it was like if in Princess Diaries if Mia would’ve stayed with Creepy Josh.  Just ew.  And that’s how young Lydia seemed like first book Mia.  That’s way too young for Wickham who has to be like at least in his mid twenties but whatever.

Look, if you want to read Pride and Prejudice I suggest you read the real things. If you want to read a retelling, you need to find one with a better twist than this. Switching view points, is a notorious fan fic trope. While it is true that there have been retellings done in alternative view points that have been awesome, this is not one of them. It didn’t add anything to Jane Austen’s story and the fact that Lydia read so young just made the Lydia/Wickham ship even ickier.

Overall Rating: DNF




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