2017: Goals and Resolutions

Because Wonder Corgi makes me inspired.  No, it's really just a cute photo.

Because Wonder Corgi makes me inspired. No, it’s really just a cute photo.

I know I did one of these for 2016, but honestly I am not going to revisit it.  I thought about it, but I realized most of my goals I failed and I really don’t want to reflect on it.  Because quite frankly I’m sort of pissed with 2016 and the world right now and decided that while 2016 was the year that gave no fucks about humanity, 2017 will be the year that I give no fucks.  What does this mean for this blog:

  1. I will no longer sugarcoat: I know I can sound blunt in rants, but I do sugarcoat things occasionally.  Or try to give a book more of a chance when it really doesn’t deserve it.  But I’m done.  I have noticed as this year progressed I got more aggressive with my DNF’ing and I will continue doing so.  Life is too short to read something you utterly despise.  I am also to make and stick with a ban list of authors I’m not going to buy or read no matter what.  And this isn’t going to consist of just the usual dipshits, but authors who are decent human beings whose work I can’t stand.  I just have gotten to the point where I’m done trying if you suck you suck.  Of course, though I think I will probably create a separate list so that the dip shits and innocent authors don’t get mixed up.
  2. I am challenging myself to read fifty books: A modest goal, but I think it will be one I can accomplish.  My new job actually has me doing stuff, so I don’t think I’ll have to time to read as much as this year.  But at the same time, I do think I can finish fifty books considering I read to fucking relax-though sometimes these days it doesn’t seem like I can relax.
  3. If your an ass fucker of an author I will call you out: I know GR has disabled reviews about calling out bad author behavior, but I think it still needs to be brought up occasionally especially this year when there were some really shitty things going on in the YA community.  I have mostly vented my frustration out on Twitter and marked books into the appropriate category on GoodReads, but I will go a step further.   I recently have been one starring the jerks’ books since they have been creating a lot of trolls or having a lot of frogs in some cases five star them.  I know it really doesn’t matter since despite what these authors think no one really gives a shit about the rating, but  I feel like it does balance things out. If the behavior is so grotesque I will write a blog entry.  There have been a few times I thought about it this year, but I haven’t.  That’s going to change some of the behavior that has been seen in the last few months has been so shitty (See The Continent  and Christmas in July).  At the very least, at the end of each quarter I might write up a post about any scandals of books to beware or something.
  4. I will try to reach out to the community more: I put this goal on my list every year and I feel like I fail every year at it.  To be honest, interacting with more is sort of difficult for me.  I am fairly busy with my job and shit and I’m an introvert so a lot of the networking stuff can get a little too fake for my tastes, but I do want to reach out in a more meaningful fashion.  I do want to at least attempt to do a giveaway or something for my blog anniversary this year (it’s going to be five years of doing actual regular blogging, six years overall) so I think it’s time.  Hopefully, this time I will attempt a giveaway people will actually respond.
  5. Give the blog a makeover: It’s overdo and honestly I want the layout to look better.  I’m even at the point of thinking of buying a template rather than using a free one.  I’m not good at web design, so this might take awhile.  I’m also thinking of giving the blog a new name.  I like this  name better than my old one by the “YAL” bit is starting to annoy me so I don’t know…maybe.  Thoughts about possible blog changing names can be left below if you like to chat about that topic.
  6. I will try to vary content: Meaning I want to try to do things other than the typical book review and top ten lists.  More movie reviews, editorials, that sort of thing.
  7. Do more rereads: Because rereads are fun and you know you’re not getting shit.  I usually reread one Meg Cabot series a year and am still trying to figure out which of her books I want to revisit-I’m thinking maybe the Airhead and Abandon series.
  8. Do a Binge-a-fon series: I try to read at least one new series a year.  last year sort of failed with this goal since I could not get into the Throne of Glass series even though I bought myself all the books to read said series so this year I’ll be at least kind enough to myself and not pick a series right away.  Suggestions on this are more than welcome but try not to pick something that will have me killing myself.
  9. Do More Back List Reads: Because I think book blogs shouldn’t just focus on new books.

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