2017 Wants and Needs: Things I’d Like to See in YA This Year

In January I’ll be listing some of my hopes for the year and that includes the dread resolutions I know I won’t keep-save for maybe the GoodReads reading goal which I always keep ridiculously low because I know I can usually succeed at least one Bloggish thing.  Anyway, before I release those faux goals I’d though I’d list ten things I want from books this year and maybe some books that will accomplish it:

1) Fluff.  Give me fluff.  Yes, I know YA always does have a fair share of fluff books out there but I want ooey gooey fluff.  I think after last year we need more fluff.

Geekerella was on my post of interesting looking 2017 books.  It seems to fit the bill in what I want in fluffy, ooey, gooey, YA.  Cinderella retellings are like cat nip.  Yes, they’re not exactly the most healthy things to read but when things go right it’s very easy to get swoony over them.

2)Alternative History.  I want more.  The books I have read in this new sub-genre have been pretty awesome.  I always like exploring the what ifs.

I know this series of Graudin’s came out in 2015-2016, but she has another AU history book coming out this year that features time traveling and the Titanic.  And I can’t wait to read it.

3) Alternate Worlds.  I have been more than a little obsessed lately with alternate universe theories.  Like, I am imaging this world that is horrified with what last year was to this dimension.  It would be sort of cool to see a book where some AU MC comes to save a universe from killing itself from electing an orange leader who is besties with this  former spy who likes to take half naked selfies of himself on a horse.  Okay, wishful thinking, I know…but I would totally root for the AU character to succeed. 

This doesn’t involve an AU but there is a galaxy far far away, a tyrannical ruler, and rebels trying to defeat him.  So sort of close to what I want…though I really want that AU 2016 to come and save our asses.

7)Historical based YA.  I love history and I think it’s important that people start learning more about their history.  I would love to see books that focus on more obscure periods, and as always I can always do with more WW2 fic.  Again, this period interests me because it’s so terrifying.

More Hamilton!  But in a YA book and by an author who I sort of have mixed feelings about.  Still though, I am excited.  It’s history and there’s an automatic soundtrack for the book which was smart thinking on de la Cruz’s part.

4) YA that focuses on social issues.  It’s a fact that reading educates us and make sure our  empathetic.  I really want more YA books that focus on social issues written by people who have dealt with those issues.  We need to be a more empathetic society, and books are the perfect medium to make sure all of our voices are heard. 

The Black Lives Matter movement is very socially relevant especially for the YA audience.  I feel like this book is needed in so many ways.

5)Diverse YA that focuses on a diverse audience not a WASP audience.  What I mean by this is I feel like a lot of diverse YA out there is gear-ed at teaching an uninformed reader than being a book where the reader can identify with the character.  Don’t get me wrong, uninformed readers need to be informed but it would be nice to read more diverse books that are not focused solely on he character’s diversity and rather is just a fun book  that someone who is of a diverse background can identify with and see themselves as the hero.

This one looks pretty awesome and fluffy and I can’t wait to dive into it, it takes place at a con and there’s internet celebrities and…

6) More culturally diverse YA books.  Meaning, I’m interested in reading books about other than the “typical” American experience.  In fact, I would love more YA books that are set in places other than America, England, or Australia.

This book takes place in the Congo and Kenya.  Two places I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about.  And I have to say, I’m intrigued.



One thought on “2017 Wants and Needs: Things I’d Like to See in YA This Year

  1. YA can always use more fluff. There are always a few gems that I find in the year, but as you said, there is certainly not enough. I basically want Despicable Me fluffiness. Anyway, I totally agree what you said about the rest of what you hope to find in YA this year. Great post! 🙂

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