The TBR Pile: March Madness

It’s that time of the month again to list the books that are on the pre-order list which is a way for me to be frugal by attempting to whittle down my list a bit-it actually works, sort of (I got rid of three books when drafting this post) .  Though honestly, because I read other blogs with other lists…well….I’ll probably add three books to this list-at least.


Norse mythology.  Sold.


Vegas.  Wrongfully convicted parent.  Deal me in.


Diversity.  Comic con.  And celebrities-internet and actual celebs.  Got to read.




This one really looks cute.  There’s been Jane Austen and Bridget Jones’s Diary comparisons. That has to mean it’s good, right?  LOL, I’ve been in the blogging business way too long to know how false blurbs can be but I still have to hope.


Everyone is always talking up Emery Lord, let’s hope I like her stuff.


Love the first book in this series.  I will be devouring this one.  And how her dress isn’t dragging on the ground is beyond me.


Another Beauty and the Beast retelling and like usual I’m a sucker for these things.  Bonus points for it, its coming out close to when that movie is coming out which I want to see so bad even though I’m pretty sure they are auto-tuning Emma’s voice or have simplified the arrangement since her range is nowhere near what Paige’s was in the animated movie.  But still “Bonjur, good  day how is your family…I am the only Disney Princess who knows how to read” that point was added on but dude.  Excited about the book and the movie.


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