Tropes I Can’t Stomach

One of the biggest things for me when buying a book is looking at a premises.  Often if it looks like a book is going to feature certain tropes it will be an ex-nay from me from the beginning.  I thought I’d list tropes that I utterly dispose:


10) The famous talentless Youtube or Other Internet star: This is a new one that has been heavily featured this year, but you can guarantee in the future I’ll be avoiding said books that feature a non talented famous persona.

Notable Offenders: Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde and All the Feels by Danika Stone.

9) The Jerky Boy That Likes You: Way to promote unhealthy relationships, authors.  I know he’s only supposed to be a douche because he likes the MC but come on-please.  Why should we find said douche’s jerkiness to be attractive.  It’s not.  I want to tell this character to get the fuck out of my story and not come back.

Notable Offenders:  Too many to count.  See any Rom Com in the 90’s.

8)The Uptight Heroine Who Needs a Man to Loosen Up Her Problems: I hate this trope so freaking much.  One of my favorite author’s used it recently and I DNF’d the book just because of it.  I hate how women are told to “loosen up” maybe because I have been told his many times in the past because I have had other priorities in my life besides getting drunk and hooking up on Saturday night (i.e. my career ambitions and binge watching a ridiculous amount of Charmed)

Notable Offenders: Honeymoon Hotel by Hester Browne and the treatment of Rachel Berry on Glee (dear Lord, I could not stand Finchel because of this).

7) Black and white morality.  I hate it when the characters become idiots and consider one character pure evil and then destroy said character.  It has been the ruiner of plenty of interesting ships and deep storylines-especially in TV format.

Notable Offenders: The whole destruction of Phole on Charmed and the mess that Once Upon a Time has turned to.

6) Instant Love: Because obviously.

Notable Offenders: The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer and most paranormal romances that were released in YA after that.  That’s why paranormal romance has fallen to the wayward because insta love ruined it.  That and 2012 was approaching and everyone wanted an end of the world storyline that didn’t star John Cusack.

5) The everyone has to be a rich billionaire or duke trope.  Really, there is a ridiculous amount of peerage and money in the whole romance genre.  It’s like the entire 1% live in these books.  And yeah, I know it’s fiction and it’s more than likely going to continue but seriously there should be more books about rich gentlemen then dukes.  There aren’t that many dukes people, probably less than billionaires.  Although,  I have all my Boden packages list me as a marchioness for good laughs.  So, maybe all the romance dukes order their stuff from Boden and that’s how they’re dukes.  Also interesting to note, there are practically no stories featuring dukes in the modern era.  Did the sexy duke gene cease to exist post Downton Abbey?   Because with as much copulating as there is going on in romance books, you would think they’d have enough spawn to last them through the 21st century.

4) The nerdy hot girl.  Can’t we just have average heroine who’s a nerd get the guy without being secretive beautiful?  I mean, is that too much to ask?  Or for that matter, can we just have an average heroine whose okay with her looks be the center focus and not get a surprise makeover.  I mean, I do like makeovers but these books lead to unrealistic expectations about what a little lipgloss and mascara can do to a person.

Notable Offenders: 90% of YA books out there.  And most romance books out there too for that matter.

3) The seventeen year-old boy who acts like a thirty-five year old man.  Yeah, not going to happen in real life.  I often feel annoyed when I read YA romances because they’re not that realistic.  True, it’s fiction but these teens do not act like teens a lot of the time’s frustrating. At least Edward Cullen has an excuse for really being like 117 when he hooks up with Bella, but that’s a whole other ball of ew.

2) Incompetent adults.  Because?!?!?!??!?!?  The author doesn’t want the book to be resolved quickly.  Seriously, a lot of the times if the character talked to a reasonable competent adult the book would be resolved so much quicker and while I know it makes for a less dramatic story.  Sometimes I would like the drama to be handled in a more realistic approach.

1) Mean Girl/Mean Women Misogyny: Come on, we’re better than that.  Still this trope is as rampant as ever.  One cannot get away from it as hard as one tries.  I used to shrug it off, but upon reflection I think it’s really unhealthy.

Notable Offenders: The House of Night Books by PC and Kristin Cast, the early Princess Diaries books (pre-book 9) by Meg Cabot.



3 thoughts on “Tropes I Can’t Stomach

    • Agree 100%. I think there have been one or two series I read with decent competent adults for what it’s worth. But it’s far and in-between especially in paranormal YA. I actually created a bad parent award based off of Charlie Swan (call them Golden Charlies) and it’s amazing how many times I have awarded said reward since I started blogging.

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