The TBR Pile: Why Does May Hate Me

May is always a bad month for the wallet.  It doesn’t matter what year it is, its always bad.  I think it’s because its technically the beginning of the summer season, and with that beach book season is back as well.  As usual I’m doing this feature to note awareness for upcoming releases AND more importantly to try to budget (FYI it always fails)


Fashion.  Also, there’s a Meg Cabot blurb.  Truthfully though, I’ve always sort of been on the fringe about Juby’s stuff.  Sometimes it’s a little too much for me.  Like her Alice series.  I remember liking moments of those books but it got annoying fast. I like fashion though, so I’m willing to give it a try.


Because I am morbidly curious in what happens next in this series about extremely rich people.


I have a feeling this one could be disastrous but I am curious about it enough to give it a try.


I haven’t had that much success with this author.  But the subject matter is so timely right now and if it halfway gets it right I will probably recommend this one.


A Swan Lake retelling, give me.


This is the first out of two books that are coming out this year about someone winning the lotto.  You want to know what I’d do with the lotto-obviously, I’d pay off my student loans and then probably move to Canada where they actually have a sane leader right now that doesn’t look like an orange boob.


Another Cinderella retelling.  And of course, I’m eating it up because….reasons.


A complex looking contemporary that I actually want to read.  Yay.


Let’s hope YA gets K-Drama better than it got K-Pop.


Destination Egypt via book.


So much hype surrounding this book it better be good.


There is so much controversy about this one already which is a little ridiculous.  Apparently, a lot of people are in a fuss because the character (who thinks she’s a lesbian) discovers she’s bisexual.  As long as its done tastefully, I think it could be an interesting read.


Erin Watt my go too author for completely ridiculous soap opera fluff.


Hopefully, May is the correct release date.  Originally Amazon said March.  Shrugs.


More fandom based YA, it is almost becoming a sub genre of its own.


More Royal Lit.  Again, give me.  Though side note, if I was Princess Kate I’d be slightly creeped out with these books.


I really need to reread this series.


I should shoot myself for continuing to read this cash cow series, but I’ll console myself without reviewing it.  I mean, what’s the point I know it’s going to be formulaic as shit but I’ll probably enjoy it in a fan fiction-ish sort of way.  Honestly, this series sort of reminds me of Once Upon a Time the series has been overdone to death but for some reason I keep watching it.


I’m on the fence about this one.  It’s a Mulan retelling which I like, BUT it is taking place in Japan instead of China and that’s just all sorts of wrong.


And that’s it.  Thankfully, for my wallet.  I did cancel two pre-orders when drafting this.  So that’s something, right? Still though, I’m inwardly grimacing.


2 thoughts on “The TBR Pile: Why Does May Hate Me

    • Totally get that. I actually was able to dwindle my list further down after this post. Its still mammoth but not as huge which I’m grateful for. Pre-release reviews actually help a lot.

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