Books on my 2018 Reading List: A Whole Lot of Fluff and Some Other Stuff Too

It’s that time again, been saying that a lot lately, to discuss books I’m looking forward to in the upcoming years.  Note, this list is not exhausted.  I have a lot more books listed on my GoodReads list.  So if you sort of want an idea of what more there is in 2018 you can check out that list as well.  The ones I’m listing here are just a few of my picks for the new year:


My Lady Jane was one of my favorite 2016 reads.  I also have a soft spot for Jane Eyre since I spent a good chunk of my senior spring semester  writing an essay over it on female empowerment.  So yeah, this one is definitely on the list and has already been preordered.  Only thing is, it won’t be released until the summer.


When Dimple Met Rishi was one of my favorite fluffs this year, so of course I’m going to pick up Menon’s new book which looks just as good as her first.


While I didn’t absolutely love Love and Gelato I am interested in the follow up, mainly because I studied a semester in Ireland and am wanting to revisit it.


Because the hidden princess trope will never grow old.  Do you hear me?


Because the washed up Hollywood star trope is never old.


This one just looks adorable.  And what is that she’s drinking, I want it now.


Owning a Beagle, I can tell you that dog is going to get into that wedding cake and it’s baying is the result of the obvious wedding disaster.  BTW, Patty Beagle says she’s annoyed that she wasn’t chosen as a cover model for this book.  She says she would’ve already gotten her nose in that wedding cake.  Whatever Patty.


Obviously, a Cover Beagle.  No, just, no.


This one has been compared to Anastasia and Fire Fly.  Interesting combination.


The title alone should tell you why it’s an instant must.  Also, I’ve noticed a lot of these books I’ve put on this list are happy fluff books.  I think it’s because life is so depressing right now.


So, I wasn’t really happy with how the third book in this series was, but this is Garret’s story.  Though, I really wish that the cover gods would’ve spared Garret from having to endure a ball gown.  For one that gown hardly looks period appropriate, for another Garret isn’ the ballgown type.


Okay, I’ll admit it the fact that Rachel Maddow’s name is on the book made me interested in it.  Maddow is a BAMF and of course a protagonist who is writing to her has to be a BAMF too, right?  Well, we’ll see.  But seriously, if you haven’t you need to watch TRMS, probably the best show to get news these days.


Macaroons are one of the only few things in the pastry world I can eat since having to go gluten free.  So of course a book with them being on the cover I have to have.  Also, I like cooking romances.  I don’t know why.  It’s not even like I cook that much or have that much of an interest in it, other than the fact I refuse to eat fast food and have to pretty make everything because of my dietary requirements but need that book.


Again, anything with royal in it I’m down with it.  I am anticipating a lot of these books with Prince Harry getting married and all and I am going to live vicariously through these books.


Female Oliver Twist with gender bending could be very, very, good.



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