Patty Beagle Presents (“I’m a Prosecutor Now”) : Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry


When Drix was convicted of a crime–one he didn’t commit–he thought his life was over. But opportunity came with the new Second Chance Program, the governor’s newest pet project to get delinquents off the streets, rehabilitated and back into society. Drix knows this is his chance to get his life back on track, even if it means being paraded in front of reporters for a while.

Elle knows she lives a life of privilege. As the governor’s daughter, she can open doors with her name alone. But the expectations and pressure to be someone she isn’t may be too much to handle. She wants to follow her own path, whatever that means.

When Drix and Elle meet, their connection is immediate, but so are their problems. Drix is not the type of boy Elle’s parents have in mind for her, and Elle is not the kind of girl who can understand Drix’s messy life.

But sometimes love can breach all barriers.

Fighting against a society that can’t imagine them together, Drix and Elle must push themselves–Drix to confront the truth of the robbery, and Elle to assert her independence–and each other to finally get what they deserve.

Source: GoodReads

I haven’t written a book review in quite a while.  MJ says it’s just because I’ll end up talking about how cute I am and then talk about my food or my feud with the Corgis and not about actual books like I’m suppose to.  But after reading Say You’ll Remember Me and her pulse rate going up ridiculously high, she was like Patty you do this one.  And I read it and I just saw red.  Because DOG MURDER.


Look at my face.  This is the I am APPALLED face.

Yes, literal shoot a dog with a gun murder.  And no, they couldn’t even take it to Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet to get it surgery (and yes, Dr. Jeff saved a puppy in one episode after being shot), they just put it to sleep ’cause extra drama and…people are just horrible.

And yeah, MJ, wants you guys to know that’s sort of spoiler but who cares.  It’s dog murder and the book deserves to rot in hell for that alone.  And that’s what I prosecutor, Patty Beagle am asking for).

However, as disgusting as it is to have a senseless plot twist that results in the death of an innocent puppy (YES PUPPY, the dog is still a PUPPY when it was shot and murdered) there were other things that were bothersome, disgusting, and disturbing about this book.

Emory Good Boy

This is Emory when he was a puppy.  Around the same age that the puppy in this book was killed.  Seriously, look at this face.  Having a puppy murdered even half as cute as this one is DISGUSTING.

On one hand, MJ wants me to note that she’s glad that McGarry at least made the book interesting enough where she did have a strong emotional reaction to it.  However, at the same time she just hated how a lot of the issues were handled.  I personally am only interested in prosecuting the book for dog murder-because that was the senseless death of a puppy-BUT the other grievances have to be made apparent as well.  It should be note though, that when grading this book the dog murder deducted an entire star from this book (or in terms of grading it deducts sit by one letter grade). My owner and I were both appalled by it.  But even if it hadn’t been for the senseless death, the book would’ve had a low score for the following reasons:

  1. The Handling of Plea Bargains:

Throughout the book, plea bargains were handled like they were this dirty thing.  On the contrary, plea bargains in general keep the courts from being backlogged and allow first time offenders a way to have reduced sentences.

That being said, there are occasionally cases that skip through the cracks like Drix (that sounds like some sort of drainer cleaner) BUT their not bad things on their face and I wish it was brought up that it wasn’t the plea bargain that got Drain Cleaner in his predicament so much as the lack of resources available for someone in poverty.

But nope, it was blame it on the plea bargain and the bad lawyer that was the public offender.

Rolls Beagley eyes.

Oh, and then there was that little line that Drain Cleaner’s brother makes about how maybe juvie was the best place for Drainer Cleaner even though he didn’t commit the crime.


Fucking really?

My owner had to pop a pill at that point.

Also, there will be no plea bargain for this book.  Just saying…

2. Sexual Harassment/Sexism

God, was it rampant in this book.  MJ wonders if some of this was revised after the #MeToo movement started gaining full steam.

At the beginning of the book, Elle finds herself in an uncomfortable position of being harassed by two idiots at the fair.  It’s set up to be her “meet cute” moment with Drain Cleaner.  Honestly, MJ and I were a bit disgusted the set up.  Having experienced a similar situation that Elle has, she didn’t see how being “rescued” by someone like Drain Cleaner would make the character interested in romance.

It just doesn’t work that way.  Sure, Drain Cleaner helped Elle out but having that be the start of their relationship and romanticizing it made MJ want to barf.

Me too, come to think of it.


I am not amused.

There was a lot of barfing during this read.

It got worse though.

Halfway through the book, a phony relationship between Elle and Andrew (Faux Mitch McTurtleman’s son) is set up .  To the point the campaign choreographs a kiss without Elle’s permission.  Even more disgusting, her parents completely agree to it.  Much like they completely agree for her image to be changed.

McGarry sort of fluffs over it as more or less an obstacle  for Drain Cleaner and Elle not to get together.  But nope, it’s disgusting.  Elle is essentially being pimped out by her parents and she just excuses it as part of the campaign.

Um, hell, no.

I’m a dog and we’re paraded around Westminster once a year and even they have some sense of standards.  Not much, mind you.  But more than Elle’s parents had for her.

It is really disgusting that these people who are suppose to protect Elle at their own interest pimp her out.  However, the more my owner read about Elle’s parents the worst it got which leads me to the next point I was told to mention.

3. Corrupt Politicians

As a candidate for dog president, I can tell you that we canines are not near as corrupt as our human counterparts.

Seriously, humans, you elected a piece of poo with an orange wig.  You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  If your incompetency in 2016-for not wanting to vote for that bad ass lady over the turd-occured, I would’ve thought that the dad politician’s reaction to wanting to cover up Drain Cleaner’s innocence was a bit over the top.

But nope.

Not anymore.

It’s pretty disgusting to say the least.  My owner thinks it would’ve been a better use of time had McGarry focused on how corrupt politicians were than how bad plea bargains are.  Because it seemed to me that’s where the real issue was.

However, all we get is essentially Elle blackmails her daddy into doing her bidding  and there are absolutely no consequences for his actions.

At the very least he should’ve been suffering Chris Christie approval ratings.

But hey, then again there are no consequences going on right now in Washington either.  So….

In all, this is one of those books that lead my owner and I feeling angry.  There was necessary dog murder in this book and then everything else was just anger inducing as well.  My owner is really skeptical about reading more McGarry after this.

Sure, the books are page turning enough, but after awhile they are really formulaic.  Rich girl and guy from the wrong side of the tracks meets and falls in love with problems that result in some sort of gun violence at the end.  Occasionally, McGarry will switch it up having the boy be rich or vice versa the girl being from he wrong side of the tracks.

And yes, every author has their tropes my owner wants to point out.  However, some become more invented over time and don’t kill dogs.

Overall Rating: An F with the dog murder.  Had it not been for the dog murder probably a very low C-.


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