Twilight Aliens Revamp: The Darkest Star by Jennifer Armentrout


When seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher is caught up in a raid at a notorious club known as one of the few places where humans and the surviving Luxen can mingle freely, she meets Luc, an unnaturally beautiful guy she initially assumes is a Luxen…but he is in fact something much more powerful. Her growing attraction for Luc will lead her deeper and deeper into a world she’d only heard about, a world where everything she thought she knew will be turned on its head…

#1 New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to the universe of the Lux in this brand new series, featuring beloved characters both new and old.

Source: GoodReads

The Lux series is pretty much a Twilight ripoff, but replace vampires with aliens.  I liked it.  It wasn’t great, but it was typical Armentrout fare, and to be fair some of her better work.  It was enjoyable, light, fluffy, and fun.    I was actually excited when I heard that the Lux series was getting its own spinoff, as ripoff-y (is that a word?) as it was it was a fun read and I was interested in reading Luc’s story.  However, its pretty much a duplicate of Lux.


To be fair, there is potentially a good backstory here.  The story, without getting too spoilery, relies on one of my favorite soap opera tropes.  It should’ve worked.  I mean, I have been wanting a book that exploits this trope but it just didn’t work.

Also, I really didn’t like how Evie rationalized the situation.  It didn’t seem realistic.  Yes, there was some anger, but not near the amount I would’ve felt.  Also, you would’ve thought…


Again spoilers.

Okay you really want to know what I thought….






Pretty much the big twist is that Evie is really Nadia (Luc’s not so dead girlfriend) who has amnesia because of some weird ass alien drug that Luc got her to save her life.  The fact that she doesn’t really remember the first 12 years of her life is oddly scoffed over.

I thought Nadia (I’m calling her fucking Nadia because that’s who she is, not the dead girl whose name her creepy ass pseudo mom gave her) took in everything relatively nonchalantly.  I probably would’ve been beyond pissed with that sad sack of a mother.  Because seriously, she pretty much used Nadia as a replacement as her dead stepdaughter.

That’s so wrong.

As for Luc….yeah, that was not cool letting Nadia have no say in her life whatsoever.  I don’t care if it’s because he loves her or not it’s just wrong to take someone’s choice away from them.


End of Spoilers




Let’s just say that whole reveal could’ve been developed better.  And it didn’t make sense.

I should note that even though it made no fucking sense, I totally guessed what the twist was and rolled my eyes at the reveal.


That’s not exactly a good thing, people.

However, as far as books being offensive goes this one is fairly inoffensive.  It’s just not that original.  Will I finish the series…probably.  Likely.  Because I’ve read seven books total in this universe and I am interested if maybe the series picks up as it gains steam.  That doesn’t mean I have high hopes for it though.

I really think at the end of the day when it comes to Jennifer Armentrout books you are going to get something that’s quick and enjoyable enough but it’s always going to lack something.  They’re not bad books but at the end of the day…well, it could be better.

Overall Rating: I’m giving it a B-


19 thoughts on “Twilight Aliens Revamp: The Darkest Star by Jennifer Armentrout

  1. I completely agree with your review on this book. Luc and some of the other characters were needlessly evasive sometimes and I’m annoyed that Evie (or really Nadia) was willing to forgive all of them so soon. I was also very unnerved about how Slyvia named Nadia after her dead stepdaughter. Did she really think that Nadia would love her whole life without ever finding out the truth? It seemed like Slyvia wanted to preserve her fantasy with Nadia for as long as she could. I don’t feel bad for her at all. I think that Nadia should still be furious at Sylvia since there whole relationship was based on a lie. What do you think about Slyvia’s character?

    • Well, to put it bluntly I’m sort of ready for Sylvia to be a casualty in the next installment. What she did was shitty and fucked up to say the least. Really, would’ve been happier if Nadia would’ve told the lot to f themselves and just leave.

      • I completely agree with you. I don’t trust Sylvia at all and was pretty annoyed to see that Evie still felt comfortable around her at the end of the book. I feel like Evie forgave everyone WAY to quickly. Evie’s and Sylvia’s relationship was completely based on lies and Sylvia still had the nerve to say that she was still her mother despite everything. Sylvia was so selfish and planned to keep Evie in the dark for the rest of of her life to pretend she had her stepdaughter back.

  2. I also thought that Luc was very wrong did not telling Nadia about what that serum would do to her memories. It’s good that he wanted to save her life, but he completely disregarded Nadia’s feelings about the issue. Nadia took that drug having no idea that she wouldn’t be able to remember anything and Luc was just going to keep her clueless about her real identity for the rest of her life. He left her with a complete stranger since he claimed that he had no choice not to (which I don’t believe at all, especially after Jason Dasher had been killed). Because of him, Nadia has basically lost all control over her life. Luc akso has people watching her without her knowledge and kept her from leaving the club early in the book. He always acts like he was in the right about everything and continually justifies his bad behavior and actions. It’s also very unfair that Luc can hide things from Nadia, but Nadia can’t hide anything from him since he can read her mind. It could barely connect to Luc’s character and he came off as creepy and possessive to me. What do you think about him?

      • I didn’t really like Luc at all in this book. The author is trying to portray him as a flawed but sympathetic character who had to give up the one person in his life that he truly loved. However, I saw him as a selfish jerk who took away Nadia’s choices, life and identity. He tried to say that he had no choice but I just don’t believe that. He always acts like he’s in the right about everything, even with the most questionable actions. He was a completely different character than the one I read and loved in the Lux Series.

  3. What do you feel about Evie as a character? Even though the author tries to portray her as a feisty and active protagonist, she was very boring to me and did not have much of a personality. I don’t think that Evie and Luc’s relationship is equal at all. Luc is very forceful in his views. It is also unfair that Luc can hide stuff from Evie, but she can’t hide anything from him since he can read her mind. To tell you the truth I am still kind of mixed about Evie really being Nadia. part of me thinks it would be better if the author just had Nadia die and Evie be a completely new character. I really hope that she gets her memory’s back and goes by her real name again as the series goes on. It’s even uncomfortable to call her Evie knowing that she was used to basically replace a dead girl.

    • I am hoping Evie will improve when/if she gets her memories back. Right now, I sort of found her to be a Vanilla Typical YA MC. She would’ve been a Bella Swan insta love trope at best if it hadn’t been for those memories. And yeah, I don’t feel comfortable calling her Evie either. I hope some of this is addressed in the next installment. One can hope, right?

      • Right! Luc and Sylvia are like “Oh you’re Evie now”, but I am like “no she’s not”! The only reason why Nadia thought she was Evie was because of the lies Sylvia told her (and Luc was not much better). Nadia had every right to be uncomfortable with the name Evie. Luc acted like it did not matter if the Evelyn Dasher was a real person and Nadia basically replaced her. I hope that the author will have Nadia go by her real name again since Evie will always have an uncomfortable undercurrent to it. Revealing Evie to be Nadia would not make much sense if she was not going to get her memories back somehow. Sorry if I’m commenting so much. I’m just glad to see someone that shares my opinions of this book and its characters. We are kind of in the minority.

      • I figure Luc will be “redeemed” at some point. Though whether or not it’s good enough for me, is doubtful. I figure it will be to most people though (groans).

        Don’t know about Sylvia. It seemed Armentrout wanted her to be sympathetic, but at the same time I just don’t see how you can get over this. What I likely think will happen is she’ll sacrifice herself for Nevie and we’ll suppose see that as her redemption arc.

        I really do hope Nevie questions everything a bit more in the next installment, but I have a feeling it likely won’t be that much reflection before she gets back to making out with Luc .

  4. Another thing that also annoyed me is that everyone was saying that they hid stuff from Nadia for her “own good”, but it cause opposite results. Luc and others said that they hid the truth to protect her, but now poor Nadia has no idea who she really is. I hope that Nadia goes off on all the people who have lied to her and tells them that only she decides her identity. It would be nice if Nadia gradually got all of her memories back throughout the series and went by her real name again in time for the last book. I hope that she does not accept herself as Evie because that would be really uncomfortable also.

  5. How do you feel about Evie’s friends (Heidi, Zoe, James)? I didn’t really care about any of them. They did not have much personality and both Heidi and Zoe lied to her in their own ways. Heidi lies about her date being a Luxen and Zoe lied about her race and history with Nadia (though see claimed it was for Nadia’s “protection”). I felt like Nadia should have been more angry with Zoe also for her part in the situation. I felt like some of her friends should have just been present only in the school setting since I didn’t think that they were that important.

    • Honestly, I really could care less about the friends save for Zoe he was essentially a Luc lackey. My prediction is most if not all will either disappear or die in future installments. They were mostly there just to depict how normal Nevie was prior to Luc.

      • I agree with you. Zoe basically lied to Nadia’s face for four years and pretended not to know about who she really was. The only reason she was there was because Luc needed someone to spy on Nadia since he couldn’t be around her. Like Luc and Sylvia, she was just going to keep Nadia in the dark about her real identity for the rest of her life. Zoe still had the nerve to say that they were still friends despite everything. I wish Nadia stayed mad at her longer also.

  6. How do you feel about Evie/Nadia’s and Luc relationship? Luc obviously has way more power in the relationship than Nadia does and he basically controls her life from afar. He wouldn’t let her leave the club in the beginning and that situation only happened because he wouldn’t give Nadia back her phone. He and other Luxen were watching her house and following her without her knowledge or permission. He claimed he was doing it to protect her, but it was useless since the antagonist got into Nadis’s house twice. He is constantly evasive and previously hid important information from her. He is always appearing to her even though Nadia makes it clear that she did not want to see him again. He justifies his questionable actions by claiming he was protecting the people close to him and mostly acts very self righteous. And did the “Peaches” nickname get very annoying to you? It got old for me very quickly. The author tries to portray Luc as a caring person, but I think that he is anything but (plus he keeps way too many secrets)!

  7. I’ll sorry to comment again, but what do you think about the plot twist of Evie really being Nadia in general? I am still pretty mixed about it. Part of me thought it would be better if the author just let Nadia die of her illness and Evie be a completely new character. It wouldn’t make much sense if Nadia never remembered anything from her past again (except to create needless drama and angst). The twist was also very predictable. It figured it out in the first few chapters with all the “special” treatment Luc was giving her. I HOPE that she gets her memories back somehow, or this whole plot twist would be pretty useless. This makes Luc look even worse since he let Nadia take that serum with her having no idea that she was going to lose her memories. I also previously asked about what you thought about Luc and Evie’s relationship (it is in the previous comment) as this topic could tie into that.

  8. What did you think about Nevie’s friend Heidi. I thought that it was wrong that she lied to Nevie about her date being a Luxen (also she knew about the Arum and Daedalus). By the time the book ends, her and her girlfriend had only been officially dating for a few weeks, but she willing to risk paying a huge fine or going to jail just to be with her? I thought that was pretty stupid since she knows it’s against the law. I bet the author meant for that to sound sweet, but it was pretty irrational to me. Lots of reviews made it sound like Heidi was such a good friend to Nevie, but I did not think so. Heidi didn’t stand out much to me at all. Do you think her and her Luxen girlfriend’s relationship will ever be discovered in future books?

  9. Isn’t it creepy how Slyvia still has the nerve to call Nevie her daughter even though their whole relationship was based on lies? It would be one thing if she told Nadia about her real identity from the start and that she adopted her or something like that. But no, she made Nadia think that she was the real Evelyn and used her as a replacement. Maybe Slyvia really started to care about Nadia over time, but it was under false pretenses. Slyvia even tells Nadia that she is Evie now, and I’m like “Nadia thinks that she is Evie because that what you told her for four years”! She took advantage of an innocent girl who lost her memories and Nadia is gong through an identity crisis partly because of her lies. I think that you are right that Slyvia will die in later books because I don’t know how she could ever make up for what she did. I hope that Slyvia admits to Nevie that she was selfish and that she wanted her all to herself. What do you think? (Sorry if I’m ranting, but I am just hating Sylvia more as time goes on)

  10. I’m sorry to comment again, but do you think that Nadia/Evie will ever get her memories back? Luc and Sylvia were saying that she was Evie now and I have read other reviews where the writers were happy about Luc accepting that Nadia was gone. I feel like it wouldn’t make much sense to reveal her as Nadia if she was never going to remember anything about her past again (the author could have just added it in for needless angst). Part of me would have been happy if Evie was just a completely new character. I hope that Nevie will go by her real name again as the series goes on.

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