Bookstore Fridays: Better Known as Happy Hour for Book Nerds

You know how most people have to get to happy hour after work on Fridays.  I go to the bookstore.  And usually end up buying book some that I love and regret buying later on.  Today, I thought I’d talk about some of my recent book shopping sprees-note, this post is like a combination of three or four shopping trips.


Reason for Purchase: I’m sort of on a fairytale retelling fensy  lately.  And I love the cover.  I really am shallow when it comes to pretty covers.  I think it’s a one of the reasons I keep getting Twilight knockoffs.







I was an English major so Shakespeare retellings always intrigue me.  If this is halfway decent I will probably be kissing Caine’s feet.  Though I’ll be the first to admit, I despised Romeo and Juliet in high school.

An YA assassin who admits they’re horrible at it.  Could be interesting.  Plus, it involves Greek mythology and I enjoy Greek mythology despite the fact I almost always gets burned when they’re remixed with YA.


An alternate take on Russian history.  Did I mention I really liked that horrible Anastasia movie when I was a kid.  And I spent a ridiculous amount of time studying the Russian revolution in undergrad.  Oh, and faberge eggs.


Actual intentional purchase.  Friends were going gaga over it so I had to give it a try.  Plus, fairytales.

This is why I shouldn’t be such a Shallow Hal when it comes to picking up books braced on stories.  Dear.  Lord.  This my friends is why we can’t have nice books. And why you should never, ever, complain about Twilight.

Too much Downton Abbey and dress envy explain this purchase perfectly.


A spur of the moment purchase which was probably one of my best spur of the moment purchases in a long, long, time.