Events: Book Signing of Fairest by Marissa Meyer

One of the great things about living in a large and diverse city such as Houston, is that there are lots of book signings.  It’s one of the only things I’m going to miss about living here.  I had the pleasure this weekend of going to a book signing featuring one of my favorite authors, Marissa Meyer.

This wasn’t the first signing I’ve ever went to, so I was used the rodeo.  I called ahead to reserve a book, wish they would’ve reserved my place in line like some stores did (but I digress) and got there thirty minutes before the signing, but I was unprepared for the line that occurred. It was so backed up, I couldn’t even see Marissa until it was time for my book to be signed. It wasn’t that horrible though.  There were some cool people in line, and I got to recommend a book for them to read (The Winner’s Curse), so there was that.

The actual meet and greet section was pretty standard.  She talked about the series and then read an excerpt from Winter.  Apparently, there weren’t a lot of Jacin fans at the signing which is silly to me because Jacin is just like Jason Morgan from General Hospital fame.  Except, you know, better looking and not a hitman (at least I don’t think Jacin is a hitman).

After she read the excerpt she asked questions, the Barnes and Noble employees were generous enough to ask us lowly people in the back if we had one and I raised my hand and was chosen.  Oddly enough, the Barnes and Noble’s employee I talked to looked like he could be John Green’s younger brother. Let’s just say my voice was a bit shaky which is totally ridiculous since I’m a lawyer.  Shouldn’t I be sued to asking questions.  But this was Marissa Meyer.  I had lots of questions, obvs.  But I chose one that had been bothering me for awhile.  Specifically, I asked her if it was intentional to empower fairytale characters who quite frankly in their original version are kind of useless.

I mean, Cinderella cleans without question.  Red gets the Woodsman to do her bidding.  Rapunzel cries in the forest for a year and in a tower most of her life.  And let’s not even get started on Snow White…. Surprisingly, though it wasn’t intentional.  But I still have to say, I liked that Meyer makes what appears to be weak characters badasses. Another digression by yours truly.

And then the wait… Oh, boy.  It was a long wait.  There was some interesting people watching.  For the most part, everyone was really nice and excited.  Though, there was that kid who could’ve covered his mouth when coughing (just saying). I spent most of this time checking Twitter on my phone since I was stuck in the Religion section at the bookstore and after Heaven Is Fake gate I did not feel like indulging in those books. Auto correct made me sound like an illiterate twelve year old, so if I Tweeted you in that period then sorry.  I’m still getting used to The Brick (my new phone).

Finally, I got to meet Marissa and got my entire collection of books signed.  I had two of them signed with my real name-which I’m not posting here- and the rest with the name I use to sign things here (MJ) and the blog’s name (Howdy YAL). MJ Howdy YAL Marissa was nice and looked gorgeous-I so want that dress of hers and her android accessory.  My tongue was pretty tied throughout most of the meet and greet, though I did manage to tell her that I would be posting these photos on my blog and she agreed I could post them. Marissa photo And that was it.  Except most of the photos that were taken of me made me look like I was Tony Blair’s smiling twin.  This one, unfortunately, was the best. It was a great way to spend Sunday since I hate football.  I really, really, can’t wait for Winter.  And I got to check off one of my New Year’s Resolutions.