That time Nancy Drew Met Indiana Jones (Sort Of): Nancy Drew Tomb of the Lost Queen

Nancy doesn’t actually meet Indiana.  Big disclaimer there.  But it would’ve been awesome if she would’ve.

I actually enjoyed his game a lot, even though it’s plot was a disaster (more about that later).

The puzzles were tricky enough, but once you started playing there were patterns there that made some of them easy to solve.  I still used lots and lots of hints though.  I’m not proud of it,but I am an impatient person.

Oddly enough, it’s not the actual puzzles that mess me up.  Okay, some of them do.  BUT what really gets me in the newer games is triggering an event to happen in the game.  I think there was a good hour or two I just spent exploring trying to trigger the next event to occur.

That map in the Antiquities Tent really didn’t help matters.

The characters were okay.  Like I said the plot was a bit of a disaster, I thought if they spent maybe fleshing out some aspects of the characters personalities it might’ve helped the plot make more sense.  But I will still say that the characters are more well formed than Alibi in Ashes.

I love that there was a recurring character in this game.  That character is a personal favorite of mine and I’m glad that the company continues to use her.

As for as games go, this is more on the educational side-though I really am wondering how accurate some of the hieroglyphic bits are.  Which is fine, because I get they were trying to do a puzzle.  It’s just that…

It just didn’t seem that accurate to me. And let’s face it, if Indy was in this game things would’ve ben solved a lot faster.  Plus, Nancy would’ve dumped Ned for him (obvs).  Because Indiana Freaking Jones.

Oddly this game felt almost claustrophobic.  I guess that was the intention since it is set in a dig location in the middle of the desert.  I guess you are suppose to feel isolated and beyond help.  Though, it seems like everyone on the site got help pretty fast.  So, the whole desperation feel, there really was no need.

As I said before the actual mystery is a little bit out there.  I still can’t figure out the motive behind the villain.  It was just like one character said he/she was bad and we took her word for it without discovering anything else.

I mean….I still don’t get why he was doing what he was doing. And it’s been a week since I played this game.

If you want to learn about Ancient Egypt and so Egyptian inspired puzzles, this is your game.  Despite it’s plot holes it’s really enjoyable and challenging.  But if you care about the story….yeah.

Overall Rating: B-


Better Known as That Game Where Nancy Goes to Jail: Nancy Drew- Alibi in Ashes


So, I’m reviewing my first Nancy Drew game (yay!)

This is actually like the twenty something game I’ve played.  I played these games pretty religiously until I started law school and then I just recently started playing again on nights and weekends.  One nice thing about playing after such a long break is that there are multiple new titles to play-than dealing with the two title release a year that one usually gets.

Honestly, though I wasn’t that impressed with this game as I am about some of the others, but it wasn’t the absolute worst game (that title still belongs to Secret of the Old Clock (though I’ve been hearing rumblings in the ND community that Shattered Medallion might top it in foulness)-I have never bothered replaying that one.  Not that I have a compute it would work on now anyway).

The thing I like the best about Nancy Drew games are the characters.  Her Interactive usually does a fairly good job developing their characters and the voice talent is fairly decent (though at times a little corny-Her, BTW I think you made a major mistake dumping Lani Minella she IS Nancy).  The characters in this game for the most part were fairly one dimensional.  You had your mean girl with a grudge (Deirdre).  Your noisy evil reporter (Brenda).  An innocent man who may or may not have been wrongfully convicted (Alexi).  And finally a Sarah Palin lookalike who can’t see Russia from her ice cream shop (Toni).  Plus, Nancy’s friends-Bess, George, and her loser boyfriend Ned (seriously, dump him for Frank Hardy already).  Apart from one of these characters I felt like the cast was poorly developed.  The backstory of the villain was very weak.  While there was a motive there I was raising my eyebrows a lot.

I also hated the switching.  There was really no need to switch between so many characters, except for maybe one or two different times-you had to be certain people to talk with certain characters.  Switching was a pain in the ass too.  You couldn’t just have Bess call Ned and switch to Ned.  You had to have Bess call Nancy.  Switch to Nancy than switch to Ned.  That got annoying fast.

And honestly, I don’t know why we didn’t see Ned if we get to see  Bess and George.  It personally annoys me how you never get to see Nancy too, but I at least sort of understand that (that her hair in silhouette of hers that you see in the game was hideous, BTW)

I also hated the driving animation.  Then again, that’s something that has always annoyed me.  I just like clicking on the location I want to go to and just getting there.

The plot of the game was okay, if a little weak. As a lawyer, I kept wanting to tell Nancy to shut up.  And have Carson get the case dismissed based on the basically non-existent evidence on her. Or at least get her bail.

But hey, he had better things to do in Australia.

To be fair though, it is a Nancy Drew game.

As far as puzzles go, I didn’t have to use that many cheats for this one.  Just one stupid maze at the end of the game I needed help on and a couple of times I had to look up how to initiate certain events.  Getting some things to happen in this game was a bit of a bitch.  I ended up beating it maybe a total of ten hours of game play.  Not bad, since it usually takes me a lot longer to finish one of these games.  But in a way, it felt ridiculously short.

And babyish for a Nancy Drew game.  Because honestly, it seemed for awhile there that Nancy Drew games were getting ridiculously hard (see Shadow at the Water’s Edge).  Personally, I like my games about in the middle of the ground-a few tough puzzles that actually make sense in the game, but at the same time I don’t want the game to basically lay out for me what to do.

I didn’t absolutely hate this game though.  I commend the company for trying to do something different, focusing on more personal aspects of Nancy’s life.  But something about this game was just off.  If you start playing these games this might be a good introduction, it is Nancy Drew lite, but it is not the pinnacle of Nancy Drew games.

Overall Rating: C