Test Feature: Was This Real?

I am tentatively trying a new feature on this blog called Was This Real?  The idea behind this proposed feature is to list a few book summaries of books that make you really question whether or not it’s real or not.   I’ll list like four or five summaries-all of them save for one will be real.   You can guess in the comments which one you believe is false and if you can even pick what books I’m discussing you get bonus points-I’m sort of low in finances right now, otherwise I’d send a prize or something (depending on how much response this gets I might try to do that in the future).  But the overall point of this feature, is to get people discussing  books-good and bad-that we’ve might’ve forgotten about and it allows me to come up with one ludicrous YA book that will hopefully never be in existence.  Note, for all of you who are trying to figure out what books I’m referring to.  Some of them have been published pre-2000.  I think there’s one or two I listed that were even out in the 80’s.

Elsie can't believe that some of these are real.

Elsie can’t believe that some of these are real.


Book A:  Because Taking Laxatives is A-Okay

So, the MC is apparently fat.  We’re told this five thousand times in the book as well as her current weight, which I think at the start of the novel was like 150 pounds.   Anyway, this book is essentially like the encyclopedia of eating disorders since the MC seems to have both anorexic and bulimia.  She tries to tell herself that she’s not bulimic since she takes laxatives rather than sticking her finger down her throat.  She does get super skinny and of course gets sent to rehab, in which her problems are completely fluffed over and she gets with this really annoying guy and they dance to “My Guy” at the end of the book.

Book B: Because Dressing Up Like a Frog Isn’t Creepy at All

As in most high school coming of age tales, the protagonist just does not fit in.  She’s not blonde, and this causes her best friend to ditch her.  She also apparently has man shoulders because she likes swimming.  However, she and her soon to be former b.f..f. go through this awkward trying to be friends thing still and it’s just painful to watch.  There’s also a painful scene where the MC tries on an unflattering dress, and later a climax involving a frog suit.

Book C: I’m Just a Small Town Girl

So there’s this small town idiot who’s like this fashion prodigy.  But rather than doing the sensible thing (i.e. trying to get into design school or at the very least auditioning for Project Runway) she buys a ticket to New York than goes up to like the corporate headquaters of Ralph Lauren or wherever and is like hire me.  Of  course, they don’t.  But instead she meets this cute guy and he ends up stealing her designs and she has to work for a lingerie story that isn’t exactly a classy lingerie store-though because this is YA the book isn’t going to go into details about that sort of thing.  But of course, she meets a cute guy and then they turn the trashy lingerie store into a classy lingerie store

Book D: Puppy Love

So, the MC is like obsessed with dogs and wants to be a vet or something and ends up working as a gopher for a famous dog trainer (think Cesar Milan).  So, one of their “problem” clients is this real rich actress’s  horrible yorkie-or some sort of small dog, I forget the actual breed- and she has a son that the MC accidently thinks is the pool boy.  And hijinks commence.  If I remember correctly, there’s this whole side plot where the MC thinks the actress is having an affair with the Cesar Milan wannabe.

Book E:  Girl Turns Into a Monkey and Likes It

This is sort of the exact opposite of Meg Cabot’s Airehead series in which the MC’s brain is transpanted into a chimp’s body rather than a models.  But considering both chimps and models are exploited well…it’s not that different.