What Would the Characters from the Pushing the Limits Series Wear?

What Would _____ Wear is probably one of my favorite features. Mainly because it gives me a chance to get shallow with books.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this feature, this is where I design sets (via Polyvore) based on what I think a character (or series of characters) would have in their wardrobe.

Today, I decided to focus my efforts on Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series.  I chose this series in part because the covers are-like them or not-vivid.  You really get a visual of what the characters look like and likewise you can sort of make wardrobe assumptions as well.  It also helps (obviously) if you read the books.

The series itself are more or less standalone romances that take place in the same universe each character has their own unique identity.

Untitled #64
Echo is the most artistic out of the group.  She also has experienced severe trauma which puts an impact on some of her wardrobe choices.  Gloves are a must wear accessory for her in the book.  In the set I tried to create a look I call quasi conservative artist.  Meaning, for the most part I chose a rather muted pallet that has a flowy style about it.  The good thing about this look is that a lot of the pieces I found were long sleeve which is perfect for Echo.  There is one scene in the book where she departs from her usual look to go to a dance, hence the pretty beaded green dress.  I chose this particular dress because of its silhouette.  Unlike the other dresses I saw, I liked the sleek look this dress had.
Untitled #65
Beth and I are probably on opposite ins of the style spectrum, but I had a fun time looking at stuff for her.  She’s described as looking like a skater girl/ biker.  She also likes ripped up jeans.  I don’t see her really wearing anything particularly girly, but if she does wear a dress (like to Homecoming with Ryan) it’s going to be in black.  While I tried to keep her wardrobe rather simple and to the point, I did throw in a couple of fun pieces.  The red leather jacket’s one of them.  I like the pop of color.  And while it probably was out of Beth’s initial budget, I can see her maybe purchasing something like this at the end of the book.
Untitled #66
While I think Rachel would like nothing more than wearing a simple t-shirt in jeans, I just don’t see her wearing a lot of them much to her disdain.  Ultra girly clothes would fill her wardrobe, probably a result of her mother.  I could see her trying to dress down some of the looks her mother bought her.  Notably, I could see her doing this with her separates (hence, the plethora of skirts in the set).  I do think that even though she wouldn’t choose to dress the way she does, Rachel would have immaculate taste.
Untitled #63
Haley probably has the simplest style out of the lot.  I think you’d typically find her in jeans, a tank top, and a hoodie.  Though if the occasion did arise, I do see her throwing on a dress and a pair of flats.  The dresses would have to be simple though.  I don’t see Haley really dealing with ruffles or long maxi-dressses.  Also, I see her carrying a backpack more than a purse.  I think a part of this might be based on her living situation, but at the same time I don’t really see her as the complicated type when it comes to clothes.  However, simple works for her.

A Revisit: What Would Lola Wear?


When I reread Lola and the Boy Next Door for the Isla Is Coming Readalong that is going on right now, I couldn’t help but be in awe with the amazing descriptions Stephanie Perkins used to describe her main characters fashion sense.  So for this revisit post I decided to fuse it with an old feature of mine called What Would _____ Wear and make some Polyvore sets for Lola.  Here’s the thing though, a lot of Lola couture is hard to find.  So, I’ve had to modify some of the outfits.  Hopefully, I still captured the spirit of these looks.



Meet Lola


Meet Lola by howdyal featuring a round top
 “I’m wearing a tank top. I also got on my giant white Jackie O sunglasses, a long brunette wig with emerald tips, and ballet slippers. Real ballet slippers, not the flats that only look like ballet slippers.” (Perkins, 8-9)
My Interpretation: Polyvore doesn’t have any red Chinese style pajamas.  Believed me, I looked.  In fact, finding pajama bottoms that didn’t look like they were fit for a camping trip or the seedy side of town was quite difficult, but I did eventually manage to find a fairly normal looking pair.  The black ballet flats are unfortunately flats.  But I like them enough where I think they’d be a decent substitute.  Since Stephanie didn’t have a particular description with the tank top, I played around with lots of different tanks before settling on this one.  Surprisingly enough, the easiest thing to find was the glasses.
Strawberry Lola


“Today I’m a strawberry. A sweet red dress from the fifties, a long necklace of tiny black beads, and a dark green wig cut into a severe Louise Brooks bob.” (Perkins 44).
My interpretation:  This set was actually fairly easy to put together.  The red dress, unfortunately, is not vintage.  I went for a modern dress with a vintage-y feel from Modcloth.  The shoes were added by yours truly since I just couldn’t see Lola going barefoot.  I almost went for a pair of white shoes until I spotted these strappy sandals.  Something about them just seemed so happy to me.  And let’s face it strawberries are a happy fruit.  Or least that’s the impression I have always gotten from that cartoon.
Lola's Sparkly Look


 “I placed a rhinestone barrette in my pale pink wig. I’m also wearing a sequined prom gown that I’ve altered into a minidress, a jean jacket covered with David Bowie pins, and glittery false eyelashes.” (83)
My Interpretation: This was probably one of my favorite looks to put together.  It was just so much fun.  I will admit though, I couldn’t find the eyelashes.  So I substituted them with some earrings.  As for the rest of the outfit it’s pretty much standard to the Stephanie’s description ( I hope).  Ironically, the wig is a My Little Pony wig.  Sort of fitting, given the attitude of the outfit.
Lola's Picnic Date


I settle on a similarly checked red-and-white halter dress, which I made form an actual picnic blanket from last Fourth of July. I add bright red lipstick and tiny ant-shaped earrings for theme, and my big black platform boots because walking will be involved.” (Perkins 127).
My Interpretation: I had to include the picnic look because that scene was one of my favorites in the book.  There was a lot of leeway with this outfit though.  For one thing, Polyvore doesn’t have dresses made from actual Picnic blankets and I couldn’t find a red and white dress that I liked with a halter type of neckline.  The dress I did end up choosing, while not being an exact match, had the romantic picnic type feel I wanted for the look.  The thing I’m really happy about is the earrings.  Yes, I was able to find actual ant earrings.  Grant it, they were six hundred bucks but still….ant earrings.
Lola as Lindsey


 “Per annual tradition, I’m wearing jeans, a nice blouse, a black wig with straight bangs, and red sneakers.” (Perkins, 210)
My Interpretation:  Lindsey is Lola’s best friend who has a Nancy Drew obsession and is described as being sort of plain.  While I tried to keep true to the Lindsey character in this look, I also thought that there’d be a little Lola peaking out.  Which is why I decided that rather than having a plain button up blouse, I’d use one with a little embroidery that would sort of give it a Lola vibe.
Lola Has Her Cake and Eats It Too


 “It’s not my costume, which would make Marie Antoinette proud. The pale blue gown is girly and outrageous and gigantic. There are skirts and overskirts, ribbons and trim, beads and lace. The bodice is also lovely, and the stays fit snugly underneath, giving me a flattering figure-the correct body parts are either more slender or more round. My neck is draped in a crystalline necklace like diamonds, and my ears in shimmery earrings like chandeliers. I sparkle with reflected light.”(Perkins, 319).
My Interpretation: I was actually really scared about this look.  Surprisingly though, it was the easiest one to put together. The gods of Polyvore really were helping me out on this one.  I did make one alteration to the described look.  The cake necklace.  Yeah, I sort of couldn’t help but add it when I saw it. And I’m sure Lola would too.

How to Halloween: Nancy Drew

So, it’s time for another How to Halloween.  Today, I decided to comply a costume for everyone’s favorite teen detective Nancy Drew.  The best thing about dressing like Nancy is that the costume is completely versatile.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew by yalbookbriefs featuring a tweed dress

See, I believe there are several versions of Nancy you can dress as: Classic Nancy, 1980’s Nancy, Modern Nancy, and Movie Nancy.  The set that I designed above is sort of a combo of modern day Nancy and movie Nancy.  But I will discuss how to dress as all versions of Nancy.

Classic Nancy:

All you need is to add some pearls and you have an instant Bree Vandekamp

Even though this Nancy is hardly as kick ass as later versions of her are.  You have to admit for female protagonist in the early 20th century she does kick butt.  I bet she’d never fall in love with a vampire.   And dressing as vintage Nancy would be pretty cool.  Cool but expensive since vintage clothes cost a pretty penny unless you have a relative that kept all their cool clothes from the 1930’s or whatever.  If you’re interested in finding vintage items online.  Here are a few sites.

Yeah, as I said earlier the prices aren’t that great.  One suggestion I would have if you want this look is to find stores that try to style their things in a vintage like fashion.  ModCloth, for example, often does this.  Also, if you really want this look your hair needs to go titian red.  Yep, titian red.  It was the signature description of ND’s hair at the time.  Oh, and don’t forget those pearls.  The pearls are a must.

1980’s/1990’s Nancy:

Cover aside, this is a pretty decent book from what I can remember.  They’re on a cruise and Nancy sort of has this thing for Frank but nothing (unfortunately) develops.  Though I do think he rescued her from being killed once or twice.  And they did meet for a midnight swim too.  But the hair and the clothes. D ear lord.

Honestly, this is the Nancy I knew and loved.  I remember discreetly stealing these books from my older sister’s room when I was a kid thinking I was cool because I was reading teen books.  When in reality these books are pretty vanilla.  I mean a kiss is as much action you get in them and those are few and far in between.  But they’re still pretty interesting to read if only to mock some of the terrible fashion choices that Nancy and her friends make.  Oh, and the chemistry she has with Frank and that Australian guy Mick something or another.  As for Ned, not so much chemistry there but it was always a good laugh to see him dumped or should I say semi-dumped (yes, I know I’m evil).

For a 1980’s Nancy you actually have lots of leeway.  Clothes from the 80’s are relatively easy to find (well, at least they’re easier to find than clothes from the 1930’s) and if you need inspiration to what Nancy would wear the book covers are pretty descriptive.  Not as descriptive as those Babysitters Club books were about Stacey and Claudia’s outfits but pretty close.

For hair, Nancy was always more blonde in this era than a redhead so if you’re blonde you can probably get by with your natural hair just as long as you perm it or whatever.  Though I’d still advise on the red wig.   I get that she’s described as being blonde in this era, but if you seriously want to be Nancy you have to have red hair.  And while makeup should still be minimum you can play it up a little bit.  This is suppose to be Nancy in the 1980’s so some fun should be had with makeup.

As for accessories.  Think old top of the line electronics.  Nancy always has the newest invention so if you could give her an old cell phone or something else that would make fighting crime a little easier do that.  However, it’s still crucial that you have a magnifying glass on hand.

Modern Nancy:

Most of my experience with the modern Nancy Drew has been through the video games (I think I stopped reading the actual series circa 2002/2004).  I do know from the images I’ve seen in the game that she’s described as having a casual chic.  I tried to do this in the set picking pieces that while fashionable didn’t seem too out of the ordinary-I mean, let’s face the most noteworthy piece on the set is the tweed dress and that goes in the Movie Nancy category.  Modern Nancy would probably even frown at the red shoes in the picture since it’s Bess that’s suppose to be the fun one.  Honestly, though I get why Nancy sort of dresses boring she’s suppose to be a girl detective and detectives aren’t suppose to be conspicuous.  One thing that I do think Nancy needs is some tech on her like an iPhone or something so that she can easily do research on the fly.

Movie Nancy:

 I never really watched the whole thing.  It’s sort of bad at least from the clips I saw on ABC Family.  Maybe one day I’ll subject myself to watching it to writing a review.  But one thing I will give this movie is I liked the way they dressed Nancy in it.  I get that there are several characters (just in the trailer alone) mocking her clothes.  But I do like the way they mix the old with new styles.  It’s sort of Rachel Berry-ish but better.  Bravo, costume designers( while the writing from what I’ve seen might’ve sucked but you definitely did your job well).  I tried to emulate some of these styles in the set.  For example, in the set is a tweed dress.  Pair it with a long sleeve shirt like a turtle neck or whatever and wear some cute flats with it and you’re ready to get sleuthing.  The hair in this movie is pretty easy to do too.  A plain red wig will suffice.  There’s not really much styling to do either.  I feel like you could just wear the hair down with a headband or in a ponytail.

So which Nancy look do you like best?  Trying to figure out how to dress like a specific YA character for Halloween ask me and I’ll try to help.

How To Halloween: Bella Swan

It’s almost Halloween-well, in a month.  But since you can order a pumpkin spice latte  from Starbucks, it’s almost Halloween.  And it’s time to start thinking about what to get dressed up as.  Today, I’m going to present you with a costume that is the most fearsome creature you can dress as.

Want to take some guesses?

Well, if you guessed (or read the title of the post) that this monster is the Mary Sue that is Bella Swan, you’re correct.

Below is a set I did for Bella looks.  Note I did two versions a Book Bella vs Movie Bella and I’ll talk about them and what else you need to do in order to make yourself look like Edward Bait below.

The Look

Bella Swan

Bella Swan by yalbookbriefs featuring long sleeve plaid shirts

Movie Bella:  To be honest movie Bella sort of dresses like a lumberjack.  Don’t believe me.  Maybe this clip can change your mind:

Okay, maybe she doesn’t exactly dress like a lumber jack but close enough.  Most of the clothes that movie Bella picks out for herself tends to border on 90’s wannabe minus the acid wash jeans.  In the left side of the  set I tried to find a flattering pair of jeans and a plaid shirt with a pair of boots that aren’t going to make you trample across the woods looking for trees to cut down.  This was harder to do than it looks.  I also suggest wearing a tank top or some cami that feminizes the outfit.  I didn’t use one in the actual set, since the plaid shirt I found on Polyvore seemed to have enough shape to it.  But if you’re not  lucky enough to find a decent looking plaid shirt, do the cami look.  It will definitely keep you from randomly going into a song and dance number about how you like to cut down trees.

I often wonder why the costume designer decided to do this look since the book version of Bella I figured dressed a little more feminine.  I think the look itself was probably heavily influenced by Stewart as well as the fact that I believe that the costume designers thought that by maybe making her look more tough she wouldn’t appear to be the wimp she truly is.

Book Bella:

If you want to be more authentic to Book Bella (a.k.a the right side of the set).  I think you can get away with a costume options.  As previously stated, I see book Bella dressing a bit more softer than the movie version.  I think she’d probably go for loose fitting skirts and jeans and maybe casual but pretty tops.  For some reason, I picture her wearing a lot of lace.  I also picked out a dress that I thought Alice might force her in.  It’s actually rather similar to one of the dresses Stewart wore in the movie.  However, in this case I do think it’s something Bella would wear.  Additionally, I chose a pair of ridiculously expensive sandals to top off the look.  If you want to look really authentic I suggest wrapping up one of the legs in gauze and using a pair of clutches since little Miss Clumsy is always breaking some bone or another.  


Hair: Surprisingly there are lots of shops that sell Bella wigs.  If you aren’t feeling wiggy and are a brunette you can probably pull your hair and a ponytail and reasonably pass for Bella.

Makeup: If you’re going as pre vampire Bella this is pretty easy.  She’s so pretty she barely needs any makeup…rolls eyes.  So of course that means goop it on as much as you can without looking trashy of course (really make an emphasis on those eyes, there’s always talk about Bella’s stupid cow eyes).

Men:  Of course, any Bella look can’t be complete without her favorite vampire or werewolf.  But what if you don’t have a vamp or werewolf at beck in call?  Well, that’s a relatively easy problem to fix

Do it Yourself Edward: If you have a boyfriend, good natured guy friend, or a relative you have blackmail material on and your desperate,  it’s simple to make them look like Edward.  First tell them to refrain from bathing for a week* then apply body glitter.  Lots and lots of body glitter.

Do It Yourself Jacob: This one is fairly easy as well.  If you have a boyfriend/friend/relative who is proud of their chest and willing to wear short shorts, they can be Jacob.  If not you do have options if    you know someone who has an Alaskan malamute.

No malamute?  A Siberian Husky or Wolf Hybrid will do too. 

The Result: With these tips you should be able to be a passable Bella Swan or really any other Mary Sue in YA lit.  If you have a favorite YA character who you’d like to dress up as for Halloween feel free to let me know in the comments.  And maybe I can comply a look for you.

*Note: There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to stomach your Edward after they don’t take a bath for a week.

What Would the Characters from Witches of East End Wear?

Melissa de la Cruz is probably one of the most fashionable authors out there in YA or adult fiction. All her characters’ are styled to perfection. So, when I heard that Witches of East End has been optioned I couldn’t but help but wonder how these characters would be styled on the small screen.  It’s going to be a very important job (might I recommend Patricia Field, Lifetime)  And I just had to do this entry:

Freya is the wild child which meant I had more liberties when it came to dressing her than her sister. I tried to make all her looks a little eclectic. Meaning, I tried to give her a little of everything without making her look like a tramp or a crazy cat lady. The left side of the set are outfits she could wear when she’s at the bar. There are two cocktail dress that border on over the top, but on Freya they’d look okay. There’s also a long blue maxi dress that I thought might fit the casual atmosphere of the Hamptons. On the other side of the set are day looks. I decided that Freya wouldn’t be one to stick to just separates and did a variety of different looks for her.  My favorite of the day looks is probably the red jacket because I think it’s a bit out there, just like Freya.

One of the sisters from the book, Ingrid has the ability to heal others and she’s a librarian. She’s a little bit more conservative than Freya. But conservative does not equal frumpy. I tried to make her wardrobe as fashion forward as I could. I think Ingrid would wear a lot of separates that would have business appropriate silhouettes. While the structure of the garment is library appropriate, I tried to make it a bit more fashion forward by utilizing fun prints. There are a few dresses in the set. Notably, a black cocktail dress and a white and blue print dress. I see the black dress being worn more for like a networking party while she could wear the blue and white dress on a date with Matt.

Joanna is Ingrid and Freya’s mother and always think of her as one of those women you want to be your grandma. I think her style is probably casual chic. Hence, why I chose a lot of sweaters.  I also chose pieces that I thought would be easy to move around with but were stylish like the camel colored boots in the set.   I don’t think Joanna would be a dress person, but when she would be forced to but on a dress I imagine it would be a draped one like the one I chose to flatter her curves.

Meg-A Readers Blog Hop: What Would Meg Cabot Characters Wear Special Edition

I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot.  So, when the Romance Bookie and Little Miss Drama Queen informed me that they were doing a Meg Cabot centric blog hop, I couldn’t help but agree to participate.  Plus, they’re giving out sweet giveaway which you guys might want to check out here.

There are many reasons why I love Meg Cabot’s books.  When I first opened The Princess Diaries eleven years ago, after hearing that Julie Andrews (Yes, I’m a Julie Andrews fan.  So what?  Have you seen this) was going to star in a movie based on that book,  I was amazed.  This was a book that I could relate to, with actual cute boys,  and I could smile when I read it.  Which a far cry from any other book in the genre at that time.   Even after eleven years, I still count Meg as one of my favorite authors.  And why not?  She has written some pretty amazing stories, with super hot heros, and kick ass heroines.  The best thing about Meg’s books is that in each of her heroines are individuals.  I could merely write about how they’re different or I could show you by doing a detailed analyze on their wardrobes.

I prefer the later:

Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries was the first Meg Cabot character I was introduced to.    She’s fun, zany, and Mia really evolved throughout the series.  Her wardrobe reflected this.  At the beginning of the series, she did not care about clothes at all.  A pair of overalls, some combat boots, and a Save the Whales t-shirt and she was ready to go.  Sometimes this made for some rather awkward looks.  However, after becoming a princess Mia became more polished.  While there would occasionally be a zany piece of two that Mia would wear, she truly refined by the end of the series.  However, one thing remained constant that being her love for Michael and I think it’s kind represented by the snowflake necklace that Mia refuses to take off.  Note, I did my first What Would ___ Wear column  on Mia and her wardrobe and more Mia looks can be found here.

Samantha Madison, a.k.a. the girl who saved the president in All American Girl, is a different type of character than Mia.  She’s comfortable in her own skin from the get go.  Maybe a little too comfortable.  She’s artistic and a bit moody.  But like Mia she’s loveable at heart.  I think a lot of her wardrobe reflects her artistic nature.  Everything for the most part is black.  Sam would dye it black even if the material itself shouldn’t be dyed.  You might notice that there’s one bright blue suit amongst the sea of black and that’s because Sam’s mother would have bought said suit for Sam and forced her to wear it to oh, I don’t know a dinner at the White House.

Suze Simon from The Mediator series is probably one of Meg’s most fashionable characters.  She’s tough but has a feminine side at the same time.  I did a series of sets for Mediator characters not too long ago and finding clothes for Suze was a bit difficult because while I wanted to show off her feminine side it was important to include looks that showed she had an edge as well.  The result was trying to pair pieces that end up having some soft elements and some hard elements.

Emerson Watts from Meg’s trilogy, Airhead, probably had the most drastic makeover out of any of Meg’s characters since the girl literarily got a new body.  Em isn’t the type of character who cares much about fashion.  Rather, she’s more concerned about computer games and her best friend, Christopher.  I really don’t think she would’ve had a defined style other than sarcastic t-shirts had she not been the recipient of Nikki Howard’s body where she was required to wear high fashion couture.   So for the set I tried to make the clothes I pick go from extremely basic looks to high fashion looks.  There’s sort of an extremeness about the Airhead trilogy that I enjoyed and I hope the set reflects it.

Pierce, from Abandon, has been through a lot of inward turmoil after coming back from the dead.  In this set I tried to do a pre-death Pierce look and a post death Pierce look as well.  Before Pierce’s visit to the underworld I can see her dressing very preppy in bright colors and sweater sets.  I imagine her looking ridiculously innocent too, hence the unicorn shirt.  After her experience in the underworld, I see her taste being a bit more simpler.  Darker.  I see her not really caring about fashion that much, yet something about these simple looks of hers would be elegant.  I see her being very partial to jeans and plain colored t-shirts and tanks with maybe the occasional plain looking dress.  Of course, Pierce would have to have a few white dresses in her closet in both this world and the underworld.

What Would the Characters from the Mediator Wear?

I love Meg Cabot’s The Mediator series. It’s probably one of my favorite YA series out there. So why wouldn’t I do a What Would ____ Wear column concerning them. Especially since I found out that Meg is thinking of writing a seventh book to the series. That’s right, a seventh book!

First up is Suze Simon. One of the things Suze is known for is her style. I tried to do a wide variety of looks from the books. For example, the dress in the far left corner is supposed to represent the outfit she wore in the second book that deemed her queen of the damned by Dopey. I also included her hideous work clothes that she wore at the Pebble Beach resort ( a pair of khaki shorts and blue polo shirt). I put these clothes next to clothes that Suze would prefer to wear in the summer a slip dress and a dress by Lilly Pulitzer. Of course, I also had to put Suze’s signature ghost busting outfit in the set: a pair of ripped up jeans, black silk t-shirt, and leather jacket. To finish off the set, I included a white ball gown, a nice little coral colored dress that I could see Suze wearing to school and a pair of Jimmy Choo mules.

Jesse is Suze’s hot ghostly boyfriend. He might be hot and wonderful in the books, but picking out a wardrobe for Jesse is a pain in the butt. This is because he wears one outfit throughout the entire book. This look usually includes a white shirt that’s more often than not unbuttoned a pair of tight black pants, and some riding boots. And of course, he’s usually carries around a hankie to hand to ladies that are crying or in Suze’s case bleeding. Polyvore doesn’t have authentic 1840’s style, so I have to make do with modern equivalents of these styles. In addition to Jesse’s normal attire, I tried to throw in some clothes I could see him wearing in his every day life in 1840’s-hence the suede jacket and cowboy hat. Though, Jesse would be insulted being called a cowboy. At the end of the series, Jesse is alive and well in the modern era. I figure Suze would dress him up to a certain extent, though I imagine that Jesse would set limitations in what she could buy for him. Hence, why I chose a plain looking red shirt for him to wear in everyday life and an elegant but simple looking tuxedo.

When I think of Paul Slater, I think too cool for school. However, Paul doesn’t want everyone to know he’s too cool for school and comes off a bit Eddie Haskell like. Therefore, I think he would dress very stylish and preppy, but there would be just a slight edge to his looks. Starting from the left hand side of the set, I chose a lot of fitted expensive looking sweaters. That I could see Paul wearing that would make him appear to be an intellectual in a preppy boy sort of way. I also threw in a pair of gold rimmed sunglasses as well to give the same effect to this look. Of course under it is a lighter, but Paul doesn’t smoke. Instead, I can see him using the lighter for more dubious purposes. Nest to the lighter is a tuxedo that I can see Paul wearing. It’s a little disheveled, not perfect looking, but stylish at the same time. Next to that is a pair of jeans and a dark colored polo shirt to finish out the look.

Finally, last but not least is Suze best friend, CeeCee Webb. CeeCee is described as being an albino and generally tries to protect he delicate pale skin by covering herself up. So most of the stuff I chose for her are long sleeved items. I also chose mostly pastel tones as well.

What Would the Characters from Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty Series Wear?

One of the best things about Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty series was the descriptions of their clothing which is why I decided to feature this in this edition of What Would _____ Wear?

First up is Jas. Jas is the protagonist of Michele Jaffe’s Bad Kitty series. You might notice her wardrobe seems a little fragmented. One side contains fun, casual wear that is hardly fashionista material while the other side seems a bit more stylish. That’s because when it comes to styling herself, Jas relies on her friend Polly to choose her clothes. Of course whatever she wears, Jas will be wearing a pair of cowboy boots. And for this set a chose a pair of cotton candy pink ones that I hope would be Polly approved.

Out of all the characters. Finding clothes for Polly was supposed to be difficult. She’s a style guru after all and if I mess up on her, then well, I’m screwed. I tried to pick elegant pieces for Polly that were classically beautiful and timeless looking, yet still had a slight modern edge to it. Polly is often described as liking the color pink as well, so I tried to put some “pink” pieces in her wardrobe as well.

Tom is Polly’s boyfriend. I see him being styled by her constantly. Hence, why the entire right side of the set has a more classic look to it. I think Polly would restrict Tom to simple, flattering clothing in dark colors. No sweatshirts and t-shirts would be allowed. However, on the left side is the non-Polly style section of the set. I can see Tom cheating and wearing lots of t-shirts and sweatshirts when he can in brighter colors.


Roxy is another one of Jas’s b.f.f.s and I can have her having a fun zany style. That, of course, gets edited by Polly. For the most part I tried to find looks that you could easily mix and match since I don’t see Roxy as the type who’d usually wear dresses. Though I did throw one bold looking yellow dress in there that I can see Polly forcing her to buy.

Jack is Jas’s mysterious love interest. Who’s a mystery man by day and rockstar by night. Since Jack is not styled by Polly, I tried my best to keep things simple. Most of the time I see him wearing t-shirts and jeans. Though I threw in a couple of dress shirts here and there as well. Though, I just don’t see him every wearing a suit. Unless, of course, he had too. Finally, in the center of the set is a suede jacket that I can see him wearing every day.

Finally, last but not least is the Evil Hench Twins. Honestly, I probably enjoyed making this set the most since all the clothes here were over the top and tacky. Just like the hench twins. Michele does a wonderful job describing the heinous wardrobe in the books and I can only hope that I did it some justice. On the left side of the set you’ll notice a fun pull over and a pair of sequin shorts. It doesn’t look like it should go together, right? That’ s where you’re wrong. The evil henches would wear it together. And oddly it would work: for them. And that includes the rest of the outfits in here as well. You might notice a few oddities in the accessories section of the cat. Most notably the cat wearing the newsboy hat and the Dummies book. Well, Veronique is always carrying some form of dummy book around. And as for the cat wearing the hat, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a fashion face off Evil Hench Twins versus cat, I think I know who wins.

What Would the Characters from Bard Academy Wear?

Earlier this week I read and reviewed A Tale of Two Proms by Cara Lockwood. Although, the book takes place at a boarding school and the characters are mainly in uniform I still couldn’t help but get a sense of style from them which is why I decided to feature them in this addition of What Would _____ Wear?

First up is Miranda. Miranda is the herorine of the Bard Academy series. A descendent of fictional Catherine, Miranda garners the attention of Wuthering Heights bad boy, Heathcliff. Although, Miranda is mainly stuck wearing a school uniform throughout the series-like the rest of the cast. I think we get a good indication of what her style is. For instance, I see Miranda wearing a lot of casual wear in her down time-hence, the hoodie and yoga pants. That doesn’t mean that Miranda is not stylish. I see even her casual wear looking cute. When she’s dressed for an everyday occasion I see Miranda sticking to simple silhouettes like this red polka dotted dress. And of course, I see Miranda on the occasion trying to dress more old fashion and ladylike to garner Heathcliff’s attention, hence the white ball gown. For accessories, Miranda always is seen with the locket that Heathcliff gave her and while I  think she’d be comfortable in a nice pair of boots, I can see her glitzing it up on  the  occasion with a killer pair of heels.

It’s a little imposing doing a set of clothes for one of literature’s most romantic figures. But I’m going to try (grant it, things were a little difficult considering Polyvore doesn’t have 19th century britches in their database). For the most part I tried to keep things pretty simple. It’s mentioned several times that Heathcliff pretty much wore a Bard academy uniform after he got out of his Wuthering Heights clothes. For his literary clothes I tried to think simple. Plain white shirt, khakis, and riding boots. Of course, the ones I chose are hardly 19th century clothing. But they’re the best I could find and I think that Heathcliff would wear something similar to this in the modern age. I also threw in a plain black t-shirt, to show that if Heathcliff was to dress for modern times it would be as simple.

Hana is one of Miranda’s best friends. I see Hana having a sense of chic geek style. For the most part I see her being the separates type of gal because A) they’re comfortable, B) separates are cute, and C) you can easily mix and match them. Though not everything I chose for Hana are separates case in point the cute little blue dress that’s in the set. I can see Hana wearing something like this to a formal even-say maybe prom-mainly because it’s not grossly over the top yet at the same same time it’s elegant. For shoes, I tried to keep things simple flats and a pair of kitten heels for Miranda’s bestie to wear.

Samir is another one of Miranda’s friends. I sort of see him having a slightly off beat sense of style. I see him wearing lots of dress shirts with crazy ties, maybe a sportscoat and jeans. And I can see him having a few novelty t-shirts, I chose a Batman one for him because it’s slightly ironic (Samir is the furthest  character in the cast from being Batman, but don’t tell him that).

Blade is another one of Miranda’s friends and former roommate. Although, Blade is usually in uniform, her Goth style is frequently referred to throughout the series. I tried to make her wardrobe for the most part reflect her favorite colors-black and purple. However, you might notice that there’s one dress- a bright yellow one- that sticks out. This is Blade’s prom dress while she might not wearing bright colors her boyfriend, Samir, would probably find her gorgeous in it.

Finally last but not least, is Parker. Parker is the official “Mean Girl” at Bard Academy. Though she’s usually in uniform, we get a sense that when she’s not she’s probably one of those girls who dresses garishly in style. What I mean by this is while the pieces that Parker might wear are trendy and fashionable a lot of the time she dresses borderline tacky, case in point the feathered miniskirt in the set. Of course, that doesn’t mean Parker doesn’t look put together or for that matter classy on occasion, I just think that she has the tendency look over the top. You might notice that there is one dresses that particularly stands out: a nineteenth century inspired pink ball gown. I chose this dress particularly to represent the dress Parker wore during her swan song.

Reader’s Choice: What Would the Characters from Prom Dates From Hell Wear?

Our final Reader’s Choice pick is up. You guys asked to see what the character’s from Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Prom Dates from Hell might wear and here are my interpretations. I hope you enjoy. Beware, lots of formal wear ahead.

The heroine of Rosemary Clement-Moore’s Prom Dates from Hell, has the attitude of Lois Lane but is just a tad bit psychic. From the books, Maggie is depicted as someone who doesn’t often think of fashion. I see her mostly wearing jeans and tennis shoes with the occasional sarcastic t-shirt. I do think she’d have the occasional skirt or two in her wardrobe that her mother forces her to buy and that she’d wear only on laundry day. Note, I’m particular fond to the blue skirt that I chose to represent Maggie’s wardrobe. I think it’s because of the penguins. Of course, I since the first book in the Maggie Quinn trilogy takes place on prom night. I had to include a prom dress as well. So, I tried to stick true to the book and found a nice long blue dress that I didn’t find particularly offensive (believe me, that was a tough one).

Next up is D&D Lisa (that’s Dungeons and Dragons Lisa for those of ya’ll who haven’t read the books). Lisa is Maggie’s best friend in Prom Dates From Hell. Smart, sassy, Lisa went from Goth to glam. I can see Lisa have an easy laid back since of style with a few funky pieces here and there to show that she isn’t your average girl. Items that particularly stand out in the casual wear part of the collection for Lisa include the long Anthroplogie skirt and the Wonder Woman shirt. I see the skirt that I chose from her being one of those pieces that only looks good on a select few (i.e. Lisa) while for the shirt I can see Lisa definitely identifying with the Amazonian princess. For Lisa prom wear portion of the set, I chose a nice long green and black dress though while stylish enough has a bit of darkness to it.

Finally, there’s Justin. Justin is the nerdy but very cute graduate student that just annoys the heck out of Maggie (okay, so there might be just a bit more to it than that). For the most part I see Justin dressing very casual T-shirts and hoodies. Though unfortunately,  I do see him being the type who likes khakis more than jeans. And since he attends Maggie’s prom, I had to throw in a tux too.