Do Judge a Book by Its Cover Meme

Want to make  Do Judge a Book by Its Cover a meme?  Well, if you are, this is the right page.  Every month I’ll (and you if you want) can judge covers based on a various theme I post.

If you’re not familiar with what Do Judge a Book by Its Cover Is click on one of the following examples:

Example One

Example Two

Example Three


Below are the themes for the next few months:



August: Dog Days of Covers.

September: Top Fall Picks

October: Spooky covers.

November: I’m Thankful for this cover or not….

December: It’s the holiday season



January: New Beginnings

February: Snowed In

March: Top Spring Picks

April: TBA

May: TBA

June: TBA

July: TBA

August: TBA

September: TBA

October: TBA

December: TBA


Still interested in joining?  It’s easy.  If you’re interested in joining it’s easy either click on the linky link on the side bar or click here. I also ask that you link back to the blog and post around the fifteenth of the month.  I hope you guys have fun with this feature as I do.


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