The TBR List: April Showers Means More Reading

It’s time to look at the pre-order list again and list what books I’ll be getting in the mail and hopefully be reviewing in the near future.  I mainly do this list for two purposes 1) to give a shout out to those things coming out and 2) as a way for me to control my preorder list-I go back through everything I ordered on Amazon and usually am able to cancel a couple of orders or two. Though, in hindsight I usually end up adding a couple of titles while I’m at it.


Um, the late 90’s are historical fiction now?  Okay.  I don’t think I like this.  Are midriffs going to be heavily featured in this one?  Everyone wore midriffs in the late 90’s or at least if their name was Britney or they were in teen movies.


There’s just something so interesting about this one.  I don’t know what, but the pre-release reviews look good so I’m going to give it a try.


Already read this one but I want a hard version of it so I kept my pre-order.  It’s cute.




I get Stranger Than Fiction vibes with this one.  That’s a good thing.


I love Liza Palmer’s stuff.


Yes, I know it’s a Melissa de la Cruz book and I have hit or miss books with them.  And yes, I know it’s  a Hamilton rip off so to speak.  But history….


Claudia Gray’s stuff is like book crack.  You know it’s not exactly good for you, but you can’t help yourself.  And this one has edges of Sci-Fi to it.


This one looks all You’ve Got Mail-ishy.


A new Becky Albertalli book!

That’s it for April.  The list is longer than I initially thought it would be, though TBH the list that scares me is next month’s.  There are so many books coming out in May.  Stay tuned…