In Honor: Jessi Kirby

I want those boots.

General Summary: After her brother’s death Honor decides to spontaneously go on a road trip with his best friend, Rusty.  And you all know how these YA road trips go…


I wasn’t expecting much from this one to be honest.  I was expecting it to be cute enough, but not great.  Surprisingly, it turned out to be sort of refreshing.

The plot wasn’t that refreshing because honestly you get what you expect.  It’s a road trip where you realize lots of things about yourself, your dead brother, and his hot friend.  That’s not that different-well, the dead brother part might be.  But replace it with a dead parent, dead best friend, dead significant other you get the picture.  What this book’s strength was that it was beautifully executed.

Although, the book is very short (less than two hundred and fifty pages) it feels longer than it is and in a good way.  I got wrapped up in this world that Kirby created.  The main leads were both well developed.  I liked how we got to know Honor and Rusty and their relationship felt so realistic.

For the most part this book was realistic fiction.

That’s something YA is lacking right now good realistic fiction.  I feel like a lot of the choices that are out there in this medium are either one of the following: a) bad Lifetime movies in book form, b) YA that borderlines on NA bad sex scenes included, or c) someone ends up finding that their a spawn of a movie star or royalty (which isn’t bad per say but….not so much reality).

This book actually defies those odds.  And that’s what makes it so great as realistic fiction besides the bad ass writing.

Seriously, I love the way how this novel dealt with Honor’s grief and how it was interwoven throughout the road trip.  It flowed just beautifully.  No awkward transitions whatsoever.  The relationships also developed realistically enough throughout the novel.

The road trip was fairly realistic, though I did have a problem with the fact that they seemed to get out of Texas really fast.  From someone who lives in Texas, it takes forever to get out of the state.  If you live in central Texas you’re looking at a six to twelve hour drive (twelve hours for going west-getting to El Paso is brutal ya’ll).

Best Feature: Beautifully Written.  I thought the way this book was written was pretty kick ass.  I loved how the memories of Finn were woven throughout the story.  It wasn’t obtrusive and it didn’t take away from the story.

Worst Feature: Predictable.  Okay, there’s nothing that original about this book.  It’s not that exciting.  So if you want something with lots of plot turns this one probably isn’t for you.  This isn’t a death sentence though (at least for this book).

Appropriateness: There’s some strong language, teenage drinking in this one.  But considering the protagonist is college age and this borders on being NA because of that, this is pretty calm.

Blockbuster Worthy: Sure, I could see Lifetime buying the rights and ruining it.  But to be honest, it really would be a pretty good movie provided they stuck close to the source material (which hardly happens in Hollywood).

Honor:  Emma Roberts, maybe?  Honestly, not that sure about who should be casted for Honor.

Rusty: One of the brothers on Supernatural.  I’m leaning more towards Dean than Sam, but if you prefer the other one cast him.  There’s an Impala in this book.  Therefore, there needs to be one of Winchester brothers taking the leading man role.  And yeah, I get that they’re probably too old to play an early twenty something.  But this is my casting and I can cast whoever I want in my head.

Overall Rating: I’m giving it an eight out of ten.  This book is hardly original, but I thought it was written quite beautifully.  If you’re expecting a book that’s heavy in plot, this probably isn’t the book for you.  But if you want something that’s a bit more character oriented you should give this one a try.