Odd Couples in YA

If you follow this blog it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise to you that I like comics.  Recently, in the comic world-specifically DC world-There’s been a bit of an unrest because DC decided to shake things up by pairing Superman with Wonder Woman of all people.

Yeah, I know.  Lois Lane is going to have to get herself a new boyfriend (at least for awhile).  And you know what, I’m sort of okay with it.  I love Lois and Clark together, but I am sort of wondering if Supes and Wondy might be a better fit.  I mean, as much as I love Lois she’s a bit of a dumb ass and she sort of treats Clark like Bella Swan treats Jacob Black.  And Wonder Woman could get some much needed exposure because of Supes.  It could work especially with a Justice League movie on the horizon.  But I’m not here to talk about  why or why not Wonder Woman and Superman are or are not a power couple.  Rather, I want to examine some of the stranger couples or potentially odd couplings in YA.  And why and why not these pairings should be rooted for.

Read this book and you’ll get the Frank and Nancy ship.
1. Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew from Carolyn Keene and Franklin Dixon’s Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series:

Why: Because they’re a brainy super couple.  And all those early 1990’s super mysteries made you want them together.  Especially that one book where they pretended to be married.  Honestly, this couple probably correlates the most to the whole Superman/Wonder Woman pairing.  It’s a couple you want but long established cannon relationships sort of get in the way.  It has great potential.  I mean, these are two individuals who are the equivalent of each other.  And aren’t going to get mad if they ditch each other in favor of a mystery.

Why Not: Because of cannon.  Though I don’t get the appeal of Ned and Callie many people have grown up loving these pairings.  It’s really going to be hard breaking up a seventy plus year old relationship.  But then again the Drew/Hardy Boy universe could always reboot itself a la DC.

2. Jake and Bethany Church in Alexandra Adornetto’s Halo trilogy: Why: Because obnoxious goody goodies always should be corrupted by bad boys…..That and it might mean an actual story line in an otherwise bland trilogy.

For all those wondering what color of hair Xavier has.

Why Not: Because it’s cliche and honestly the relationship would be abusive.  Still though, I think I’d prefer this relationship to Bethie and Xavier mainly because Jake isn’t as bland as..well, walnuts.

3. Harry  Potter and Hermione Granger from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter: Why: Because it seems natural.  Out of all the females in the HP series, Hermione is the most developed and has had the most interaction with Harry.  Plus, they have a pretty healthy relationship for the most part when Ron doesn’t interfere.  Honestly, I don’t know how popular this pairing is but I know I did ship it during the progression of the series.  I thought it would’ve been the right choice, the smart choice for Rowling to make.  While I do get why she ended up choosing Ginny for Harry, I still think it’s a cop out just to have a one big happy Weasley family ending.  A lot of people argue that there’s no chemistry here  while claiming that Hermione and Ron have oodles.  Gag me now, thou can not stand Ron Weasley.  At least when it comes to romancing Hermione.  As a best friend…he’s all right, I guess.  A bit of a stupid jock but that’s besides the point.  I think if any of the golden trio were going to be paired together it should’ve been Harry and Hermione.

Why Not:  Well, there would’ve had to be a lot more development with their relationship-romantically.  Or maybe not.  The Harry Potter series was never about romance.  I think all Rowling would’ve had to do if she would’ve went in this direction is just do some subtle romantic hints and then reveal that they married each other in the epilogue or whatever.  As it stands still, I’m still going to stand my ground that  Harry and Hermione make a lot more sense than Hermione and Ron or Ginny and Harry.

4.  Cammie Morgan and Josh from Ally Carter Gallagher Girls: Why: Because he was her first love and they were sweet together.  A bit unexperienced and sort of bland, sure.  But it could be better the second time around.


Why Not: Because Cammie is much more suited for Zach Goode than Josh.  Zach keeps her on her toes, Josh he’s a bit of a dumb jock.  Still, it might be an interesting revisit.

5. Paul Slater and Suze Simon from Meg Cabot’s The Mediator: Why: Because they have this volatile firey chemistry that would never work in real life, but would be fascinating to read about.  Plus, they are both mediators or shifters or whatever you call them.  You could so see them in a drama series fighting the usual ghost of the week.


Why Not: Jesse de Silva.  Enough said. Oh, and Paul might have homicidal tendencies.