Top Ten Things That Annoy Me in Book World Right Now

There’s a lot of things that have been annoying me lately in book/book blog world.  I’ve decided to list them here because I need to vent.  These are purely my opinion, if you don’t agree with them I’m sorry.  But this is how I feel:

10) Teams: Don’t try to push a half assed love triangle on me.  Some stories aren’t meant to have teams and that’s okay.  It’s when you try to force them on people it really doesn’t work.  Also, it’s not good to pout when people don’t catch on to a certain guy that you’re shoving down our throats.

9) The Pure Virginal Heroine: I could care less about her V-card status.  What really annoys me about these type of heroines that they care about everyone else’s V-card statuses.  Just stop.  It’s none of your business if someone wants to sleep with someone.  And so what if some girl has a crush on your crush?  If he’s really into you it shouldn’t matter.  Just because she likes him does not make her a ho.

8)Proper Grammar: Just because your self published, doesn’t excuse bad grammar.  Especially if I’m paying for your shit.  But editing takes time, you might say.  Yes, it does.  That’s why writing is work.  And if I point out a comma error that does not make me a bully.  It makes me an irate customer who’s upset they’ve been ripped off.

7) Fake Reviews: If you haven’t read the book why are you even writing a review?  And I’m not talking about DNF reviews.  Those are perfectly acceptable.  I’m talking about reviews where it’s quite obvious that the reviewer didn’t even open the book.  And gives it a five star review because well….they got it for free and want to get more things for free.

6) YA Heroines Who Reading Lists Are Denser than an English Major: Seriously, I was an English major and despite the fact that I liked Austen, read some Bronte, and took a class over the bard’s work and forced myself to read both King Lear and Othello in one semester, I don’t think the average sixteen-year-old’s favorite book is going to be Wuthering Heights. Well, unless your name is Bella and you have a thing for unhealthy relationships.

5) Embarrassing Book Covers: Do you really think I want my coworkers to look at me like I’m a freak and mock my reading choices?  It was bad enough in high school.  You know, basic book covers with no CW wannabes can be attractive.  Plus, most of those guys you get to pose for those YA covers…. Publishing companies, you could do better.

How do you explain this one to, well, anyone who doesn’t watch the CW?


4) Comparing Everything As the Next: As much as you want, you’re not going to be the next Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games.  Well, maybe Twilight since that poor series has been ripped off about a hundred times already.  But you’re going to have nowhere near the success as Stephenie Meyer unless you insert a nasty unhygienic scene with a tampon that people only read for its sheer grossness.

3) Shadowhunter spinoffs:  Seriously, how many of these do you have to have?  I can get one maybe two.  But the fact that Cassandra Clare has listed that she’s not only having another spinoff, but a spinoff,  spinoff, and a graphic novel spinoff.  Plus, all those essays that kiss her butt, an encyclopedia, and a crappy movie to boot. It’s just too much.  And it’s not like I have anything against franchises when done right and in a non-obvious way I’m perfectly fine with them.  This though, is way too much.

2) Authors Using the Bullying to Sell Books: Seriously.  No.  Just no.  If you really are bullied, I’m sorry.  Put on your big girl/boy panties and get over it. I know I did in school.  I know plenty of other people have gotten help without having a meltdown on the internet.  And using said sob story to sell books.  Honestly, doing that makes you disgusting, IMHO.  Seriously.  Have you wondered how people who are tormented every day for real feel.  There’s a difference between getting called out on shitty writing and being tormented as as a person.  If a BOOK review really hurts you that much, maybe you should use the Nanny Net to block Good Reads and Amazon.  Just saying.

1) P2P fanfiction that doesn’t even try to hide it’s fan fiction:  I am objecting to all claims that lawyers are the least ethical of all professionals.  We have to take the MPRE and take an ethics class and know that there’s actually something called copyright laws.  Some authors (or should I say bad fangirls and fanboys) on the other hand…well, it seems like P2P-ing has almost become it’s own despicable  genre. And no, I’m not talking about New Adult as a collective, though a lot of NA used to be Twilight fan fiction.  It’s really easy to see that a lot of these books are AU New Moon stories where Bella goes to college and acts like a mopey asshole and falls in love with an Edward or Jacob without a furry problem.  Seriously, if you’re advertising your fanfic as soon to be original fiction on you seriously need to rethink some things (and yes, I’ve seen and have screenshots of this). Especially when you use RPatz and KStew fan art to advertise your little ripoff.  Way 2008, people.