Awesomely Lifetime: Sundays at Tiffany’s

My penpal and I are obsessed with Tiffany’s. I  think it’s the packaging.  How can you not like something in an aqua box?  Better yet, how can you not like something advertised by Audrey Hepburn (note, advertisers find the modern day equivalent of Audrey Hepburn to represent your brand and you’re golden).  So a few days ago she jokingly sent me the trailer to this movie called Sundays at Tiffany’s which I had to check out because it’s Lifetime (duh).

Melodramatic Summary: Phoebe Halliwell (her name’s actually Jane in this movie) had an imaginary friend  and he disappears after she turns ten and her mom’s buying her a necklace at Tiffany’s- seriously, what sort of ten year old gets a present at Tiffany’s?    Anyway, it’s like twenty years later and she’s marrying McDreamy only he’s more like McDouche who happens to be her sister’s husband from Charmed and her imaginary friend shows up looking all hot and perfectly ripped despite the fact there’s no 24 Hour Fitness in Imagination Land.  What’s a girl to do?
I really liked this one.  It was like cotton candy TV.  Nothing that substantial.  But would I watch it again: probably.
The actings fairly decent.  All the characters had chemistry even Henry/McDouche and Phoebe had chemistry.  And when you have chemistry with your former brother in-law (well, former TV brother in-law) that says something.  Especially when the movie’s written to where you’re supposed to hate the couple.
I really liked Michael though.  A lot better than McDouche and that wasn’t because of the writing. Though there were some cute moments between those two because of the writing.  What I’m trying to say is that the performance seemed genuine even through all of the cheese.  And boy was there lots of cheese.
In typical Lifetime fashion this movie shows romance in a total unrealistic light, but the general context of the movie-your imaginary friend growing up hot and being, well, the perfect man allows it to work.  And it’s set in New York at Christmas time.  You know it’s going to be a little unrealistic because of that.  And it’s better than 12 Dates of Christmas. Maybe because I’m not staring at Amy Smart’s bad nose job throughout the entire movie.
Oh, and think Zack  Attack every time I watch that movie.
Lifetime Squee:  Oh.  It’s good.  Not only is imaginary boyfriend super hot.  But we also have McDouche who’s not bad on the eyes when he keeps his trap shut.  I think I prefer Imagination Land boyfriend though.
OMG Lifetime Moment: Well, no one gets assaulted, kidnapped, cheated on, or embezzled in this Lifetime Original.  Which is weird because I read the book’s summary on Wiki and it seems like there was a lot of stuff to go all Lifetime out on.  I think the biggest OMG Lifetime moment from the actual movie is that McDouche is, well, such a McDouche.  Seriously, how can you not know your fiancee is allergic to mushrooms?
Overall Ratings: Eight out of ten Dean Cains.  I liked this one.  Sure, it wasn’t overly dramatic and no one died, got kidnapped, or got beat up by a bad ass girl fight.  But it was cute.  And Lifetime knows how to do cute.  Besides, it made me crack ship Phoebe and Henry and I’m off to to see if I can find any fics to fit my thirst for this pairing. Even though Henry’s like a McDouche in this movie.